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    We are using an Android cell phone for our livestream, with an external mic plugged into it. I would love to run a direct out from an Aux send on the board to the phone, for a cleaner sound. Has anyone done this? I have the necessary cabling to go from board to phone (3.5mm jack), so it seems to be a phone issue. Has anyone found a way to make that work?

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    Mike C

    You’ll need a TRRS 3.5mm break out plug and cable, phone inputs use an an extra ring
    on the plug for audio in, it the first ring on the plug.
    Old VCA camcorders used the same plug, if you get one of those the audio input is the
    yellow plug that was used for the video.

    You will also need to attenuate the audio signal from the mixer line level out down to mic level and maybe need to use transformer isolation between the two.

    Or…. get an audio input interface that would plug into the the USB jack on the phone, the kind used for the recording.
    With an interface you may still need to get an inline attenuator as most of the interfaces are mic level input.

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    Phil Driscoll

    I use an I-Rig 2 for broadcast phone in s from mobile. It allows you to send a mono output from the sq to the phone, and the stereo out from the phone to the sq.

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    Mike C

    I carry an I-Rig with me in my parts and adapters case just for that last minute
    request to send audio to a phone.
    I also have some various TRRS adapter cables.

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