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    I’m a Qu user considering an upgrade to the SQ. My current digital rig is a Qu32 (or 16) linked to a D-Snake (AR2412 + AR84). Output socket assignments with this Qu / D-Snake package are such that both the local and remote output assignments are mirrored, e.g: if D-Snake output socket #1 is assigned to Aux Bus 1, local output socket #1 is also fed (by default) with that same signal, with no ability to re-assign it (unless I’m missing something). In my set-up, all auxes are dedicated to monitoring and sub feeds connected at the D-Snake stage rack. That leaves all of local output sockets unused, and that seems such a waste. It would be nice to be able to assign them to other functions, say, direct outs, or additional auxes. My question is: does the SQ have that ability? If it does, it’s not clear in the current documentation. I have an external effects rack from my analogue rig that I would love to be able to use with the digital boards, but my Qu series configuration just doesn’t allow it.

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    You can assign any bus to any output (or one bus to many outputs).

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    The SQ series does exactly what you are looking for, and is one of the main reasons I upgraded from the Qu-32 I used to own. You can actually assign any physical input or output to any function you want; for example, I am using a DBX DriveRack PA2 at FOH with me in the rack. I simply patch two physical outputs and two inputs on the back of the console as my insert i/o and run the DBX as an insert on the main L/R even though the physical outputs that are feeding the powered speakers are on stage in the form of the AR2412 stage box. I can then also send the same main L/R signal out of the stage box and console at the same time using two different physical outputs on the back of the console. It is incredibly flexible and being able to use any input or output for any channel/function has made the console worth every penny of the upgrade price for me!

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    Thanks for the info folks, very much appreciated.

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    I’m “Anonymous” above, re-registered. Had to cancel my account because my e-mail was getting swamped over the weekend with gibberish messages from this site (did that happen to anyone else?). Looks like the forum director has it handled.

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    Yes, it happened to everyone. And yes, it is now under control!

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