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    Currently on a corporate show using a qu 32 with a dsnake for the first time, after years on the road with digicos decided to make the AV dollar so I am trying to learn all the “corporate” boards as quick as possible. I just can not wrap ,y head around how to connect the matrix outputd to the dsnake without an expander. Im using mixes 5/6 for front fills, 7/8 for delays but id be much happier if they could both be on the matrices so i can feed my lav subgroup to them without having to return the group to an input channel in order to inject them into those mixes. For some reason, i can not get the matrix outs to show up as on option on the single dsnake box my client has provided me with. I know i can come out of the desk itself via the analog outputs for the matrices but due to the venue, that would involve a lot of work/time that im not being given. Also, is there a way to seperate/unlink mixes 5-10, im maxed out on my mixes and could use another one, im having to use mix 9/10 to feed a shout/bsm system which does not need to be stereo. Lastly, is it possible to assign preamps on the dsnake to any input channel or is it locked into one to one? I know i can move stuff around using custom layers but the A2 im working with is rather green and I have good reason to not trust him to patch inputs correctly if we get into a trouble shooting situation

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