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    I love to automatize certain processes I do when mixing & OSC protocol is one of the easiest ways to implement automation for our Theatre show management software, as we use it for nearly everything from music playback to light controlling.

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    Yes, I think this is the biggest thing holding back the SQ taking over the X32 range in theatre world. As you say, everything is OSC controlled.

    If this was implemented then I’m sure the SQ range would take over.

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    +1 on this old feature request, hopefully bumping it up. OSC support would be awesome!

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    +1 for OSC support, maybe not native in the SQ but adding OSC in/out to the A&H MIDI control app is a good solution.

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    +1 from me for OSC support. I’m looking to move from an X32 to an SQ-6 and I would love to see OSC support on the SQ series.

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    Mike Storm

    I don’t know enough about OSC. What can you achieve with it that you cannot do with the A&H MIDI driver?
    I believe you can already automate scene changes, fader moves and mutes on SQ. Are we talking more advanced automation?

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    For me it would be a good step in the right direction if A&H will make the communication protocol and the data format of the stored data public. That would make it easier to add functionality to the products of A&H without the need of the manufacturer’s resources.

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    Queen Bee

    Thread from 2018 and still no developement for native OSC support on the desk? Bumping this up! Using MIDI in QLab is the worst thing ever: I just lost 3 days trying to understand how things work. Why do you guys make tables with Hex values when litterally NO ONE use Hex values ever. It only adds to the confusion caused by the terrible MIDI protocol documentation. I love your mixers from the bottom of my heart, but please make it make sense!

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    @Queen Bee: re Hex

    In the MIDI world it is very prevalent due to the way the channel is incorporated into every standard message.
    The last nibble (the last 4 bits) of the command byte contains the channel, the first nibble contain the command.
    So for example, a control change on channel 1 will have the first byte set to B0 if it was on channel 2 then it would be B2 etc… all the way up to channel 16 where it would be BF.
    You can see the B at the start is constant as that is the control change command, and the channel is immediately obvious as the last hex digit so easy to analyse. If it were in decimal the above would be 176, 177 and 191 with no obvious way to determine the command or channel when examining the data stream.

    So, without getting familiar with Hex it may seem strange, but when dealing with MIDI (and many other digital data streams too) it makes the most sense.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Edit: on channel 2 it would be B1 – sorry, a typo!

    Also, +1 for OSC support from me

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    Tatsuya Nakamura

    OSC support would be awesome!

    The theater is comprehensively controlled by osc.
    Ableton Live (Max for Live) and QLab.
    It is now also used for Immersive equipment.
    It also creates affinity with touchOSC, Lemur, etc.

    X32 and M32 support OSC, but unfortunately the function is not yet implemented in SQ, Avantis and dLive.

    OSC is not only supported by X32, but also by YAMAHA PM, making OSC widespread in the world of mixing consoles.

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    +1 for OSC!

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    +1 for OSC from me too. This would also allow for many more parameters to be controlled (and in easier ways) than MIDI. See all the amazing things that have been done with the X/M32 consoles because everything on the desk is accessible via OSC and the protocol has been thoroughly documented: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Snbwx3m6us6L1qeP1_pD6s8hbJpIpD0a/view

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