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    so, due to my personal incompetence i accidentally put my ipad on the surface yesterday and it loaded a new scene for me. obviously everything went quiet and all monitor send levels were thrown out the window.
    a friend of mine remembered a lighting console that had an “oops” button, (basically an “undo”, or “ctrl-Z” function that steps back the console to its previous state) It would be nice to have that sort of thing since I’m a lazy retard who can’t be bothered to save my setup pre-show after all settings have been made.

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    +1 – something very similar happened to me yesterday morning.

    Was able to recover using our eponymous “Sunday” button – but things went quiet in the service for a moment.

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    Thing is – where is it going to go back to? If my mistake is that I’ve altered, say, the PEQ on the wrong channel (probably a common mistake), shifting the gain, frequency and q of the LM perhaps, that’s 100s of little changes as far as he desk’s concerned. How does the desk know which one I want to go back to?

    Without an “Apply” button, I can’t see how any undo function could be made to be sensible.

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    Oh I understand that it’s not just a code five-line code addition. It’s a feature I’d like to see though.

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    Right before the recall, you ‘save’ the current state into the undo memory slot.

    When hitting “undo” the console recalls the previous state.

    It’s not that much code.

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    If anything, they could set it up to have “temporary scene”, then you could load scenes and assign a soft key to save to the temporary scene, so you can save and recall(undo) without changing your stored scenes. @markpaman is right.

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    I think it is more complex than one could think. As Mark already said: where is it going back to? Even the slightest move of a single fader is already a new state. But not necessarily a relevant one. So the first step should be to decide which change is relevant and which one isn’t. Is a new fader position relevant? It can be in the case of feedback, but this is not always the case. A changed EQ setting perhaps? And how significant should this adjustment be to define it as a new state?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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