OneMix user profile saved on MixRack to allow musician-supplied ipads

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    Right now the way users work in OneMix is you log in to the DLive as an admin user, configure OneMix for a particular mix, then log out and log in as a standard user which locks out OneMix from affecting other mixes. This is marginally acceptable if a set of IPads are owned by the sound company (or church in our case) where you can pass out the “bass” ipad to the bass player, the “keys” ipad to the keys player, etc. This breaks down when users bringing their own ipads, as they may not always end up on the same mix. For example, if a user is sometimes vocal 1 and other times guitar 1, their prior OneMix setup will point to the wrong mix and you need to delete the whole thing and start over with the correct mix, which requires logging in as admin, deleting the mix, adding a different mix, logging out, and in the process losing any custom fader setups.

    The better solution for this is for the MixRack to store the OneMix configuration so that you can define users on the mix rack and give them permissions to the appropriate mix. For example, the DLive has users for bass, vocal 1, vocal 2, etc. which grant permission to a matching mix bus. When a user logs in to OneMix as the “bass” DLive user, OneMix automatically loads the correct mix.

    Right now we can’t really use OneMix, and we have multiple copies of MixPad running, which is a bit risky. We aren’t worried about malicious changes, however accidental pressing of buttons could happen.

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    +1 more

    I HATE the way it currently is stored!

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    I like if I can make user and connect that user with ONE AUX (mono/stereo). When logging in with that user, then automatically all inputs/mixes are available to send to this AUX…. no need to make configs. This will be very easy and simple.

    Design on this app could also be much easier:
    * First layer has custom faders and main volume
    * Second layer has named channels. That means, if I use only ~40 channels, they are usually named and other 88channels will be hidden by default (there’s a tiny button that brings all channels to visible).
    * Third layer has mixes

    This will be best app for monitor mixing. Suggestion for a new name for a new app – MonMix

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    “Custom Control” in v1.81 should fix this issue, since I believe it stores the setup within the console.

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    +1 This…plus an iPhone app is a MUST for a console this high of caliber.

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    Try the Custom Control app. You should be able to do all the things you’re looking to do, and yes, it works on iPhone (and android).

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