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    I have had a few times where I was using multiple tap delays with different settings, within the same song, for different passages, moods, etc. I found that I had to tap multiple soft keys cause I can only assign one fx unit per softkey. It would be great to allow me to tap one soft key and assign it to multiple fx slots.


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    Would be great if there is an option to synchonise “proportional” tap-speed in a FX-Unit with different time for L+R!

    To explain:
    I set up in a single FX-Unit individual delay times for L+R! (For example L: 100ms and R:110ms)
    When now a song changes the tempo, i have to go to that FX-Unit and tap first the L-Channel to the specific tempo and the R-Channel individual to achieve for example: L:200ms and R: 220ms!

    What i would like to have is the option to synchronise the second delaytime proportional to the first! (Like a PM5D for example can to it!)

    Is anyone else missing this feature? –> then thumb up! ;D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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