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    It came to my mind reading recently [dLive post] about editing a previous scene for an act whilst another scene [act \ band] were performing on stage.
    Using and iPad I thought, now if there was the option to ‘save to iPad’ a scene
    you could disconect from the net work on an iPad and edit that other scene whislt the current scene [band \ act] were stilling preforming.

    I understand the scene data is stored within the QU \dLive \ GLD etc… however, if this was an option that would be a way of editing a different scene other than whats currently in use?
    After getting around on the iPad Pro 12inch screen, it is a large screen complete mixer.
    No need for a seperate monitor mixer?
    PFL might be an issue although you can route PFL back to stage box. Although there is only 1 PFL bus. 🙁
    Not sure how I’m going to get around that?

    For those people wanting an offline editor, I can see an iPad as doing that and then being able to load those scenes or shows?

    Anyhow my comments were really about adjusting or setting up a scene within iPad [offline] whilst main mixer is being used and then loading them back into the main mixer. After the current act has finished.

    Christmas greetings from Down-Under 🙂

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    Would be nice, although it should have been done at the sound check 😉

    The issue is that the iPad has no state information at the moment…

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    thats right.
    At the moment!
    How ever sound checks and reality and on the fly often differ with multiple acts.
    People have been asking for an off line editor.
    After reading the post from a dLive user… it had me thinking.

    I’m about to supply a 3 stage festival where normally it was FOH mixer and monitor mixer etc.
    Its not until you hold an iPad Pro in your hand and look at that screen [12″]
    I’m now thinking hold on… I can do this job with a whole lot less amount of equipment
    No racks of mic splitters..
    Gosh the mind boggles.
    anyhow, just food for thought.

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    An offline configurator would be a great tool. I have just done an event where time was critical on site and found myself rigging the gear at base inc 32 way input boxes so i could get all the patching and labelling done ahead of time. Being able to do this on the train anywhere would be fantastic.

    To take this further, and as a slight dyslexic who works best with images, some easy way to visualise the configuration would be very helpful. I find myself drawing with a pencil on that old stuff they call paper my rig outline. Now if the QU could output that data as a screen display on the iPad you really would be helping many people.

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    Yes good old paper for schematics of setups and channel listings.
    I just just ordered the new apple pencilto change my old habit of a lifetime.

    Now if the ipad had a off line editor within QU-Pad think of the possibilities?

    I notice the QU-Pad demo version dose not actually store a scene.
    Maybe that could be modified to save data and then download via a cable or something?


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