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    Then it appears to be a good thing that I have some experience with wireless application TCP stacks and wireless IP networking. I will, however, keep you point in mind.

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    I hope we see this editor soon, it’ll be great 🙂

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    Any updates on the editor?

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    there will not be an editor in the near future as already stated from Nicola (I think)

    it’s on the list but the MixPad for PC or Mac covers much of the needed functionality

    I would love to see an improved MixPad with all the needed functionality instead of an offline editor

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    I have to make it a little bit clearer… I expect the MixPad for Win and Mac in the near future…

    I could be wrong anyway…


    I second those asking about an editor. I would love to see an offline editor. I don’t always have access to the console and it would be great to be able to edit a scene (offline on my Mac) before showing up to a venue. Any updates on the editor, PLEASE?

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    +1 for offline editing on all the devices.

    Also offline printing out a diagram showing all the settings and connections.

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    Any recent news on an offline editor? earlier in the posts Nicola said tentatively end of 2019…?


    Man, A&H makes some great products but are terrible at answering questions. Still love my Avantis!

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    Hi Team,

    We do try our best to keep an eye on the forums, but if you need a quick reply, do send us a ticket in, as we’ll usually get back to you same day. (

    Avantis Editor is currently under development, we don’t have a specific ETA at the moment, but very broadly speaking towards the end of the year. It will be released in tandem with firmware v1.1

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    Any news regarding the offline editor?

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    So here we are at the end of 2020 and still nothing. This is nearly 15 months after Nikola posted that he hoped it would be out by year end (2019 that is). Jack posted back in Sept that he thought it would be released by year end – maybe he meant year end 2021 or even 2022.

    COME ON ALLEN & HEATH just release the damn firmware and director software! Stop trying to add features to it and release what you have.

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    It’s a farce, actually quite embarrassing for a company like Allen&heath. The whole thing borders on fraud.
    The advertising text for the Avantis doesn’t really apply either.

    for example:
    “With the UI for continuity, you can see more of what’s important and interact with it right away. This allows for a seamless connection between the physical controls and the displays.”

    – no, it’s not immediate, rather delayed and confused, a lot of delays really

    it’s a shame…

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    Off line editor will be available this year

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    Lol 😂

    It’s announced since end 2019, maybe 2022… 🥸🤬

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