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    So with the Windows offline editor. Does this mean we can connect now to the SQ through WiFi as an app? So we can have now an iPad and a laptop with the App at the same time?? Knowing the max of 2 connections of the SQ-Mixpad.

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    Is this windows 10 only?

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    It is announced to be on OS X soon. My only problem ist that some functions of the mixpad editor are still missing. I can’t find the library button or the new ganging function. I also did not find the soft rotary assignments.

    Keith could you share some insights on this. Thx

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    +1 on finding the library button, re: @TonmeisterDaniel

    Is this possible? Love to load up DEEP plugins like the compressors in offline and have ability to save/recall presets for EQ’s etc.

    So, anyone able to find the library button or figure out how to work with DEEP processing offline?

    Thanks for the awesome ability to edit offline A&H, I’m starting to use it immediately

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    Nicola A&H

    MixPad for Windows offers the same functionality as MixPad for iOS or Android, with some exceptions with regards to file storage e.g. save to USB. MixPad V1.4 was never meant as a fully fledged editor, but we felt the addition of Offline mode would address the vast majority of requirements around show preparation and editing.
    We did add some other cool features in MixPad, including the ‘Follow Channel / Mix Select’, block patching in the I/O screen, PAFL control and channel routing. Looking forward, we plan to develop MixPad further in both Online and Offline mode, but we cannot commit to specific features at this stage.

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    @nicola – Is a dedicated offline editor still in the works, or is the development centered around the MixPad application only? (Or, can you not say – which I will understand of course)

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    Nicola A&H

    @OrionX – There is no plan for a separate application.

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    Is There any news about The offline editor? I have the feeling that, while A&H made a huge jump ahead in sound quality compared to their competition, theyare way behind on this end. The sq is becoming a great tool for the pros but i still see so many of them using an x32 just for the editor capabilities. I would love to see this done soon rather then later….


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Dpnh & Superorko,

    Can you explain what is missing from MixPad currently that would require a separate editor?


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    So I just downloaded the new mixpad 1.43 and while it has the offline editor I noticed that the “custom” layers is now gone while not connected to the mixer and the layers now match the board layers depending on which mixer you set it to. Sq 5-6-7 question is .. when I’m connected will I have the “custom “ layers back so I can set up the workflow I prefer on the iPad custom layers which would be different than the layers on the mixer?????

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    @nzdave It works on Windows 7 here, so it’s not 10 only.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Doyle,

    Once you go online in SQ MixPad you will indeed have custom layers available.


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    If you mean on-line as connected to mixer, then that defeats the purpose of off line editing.

    With the GLD editor it is just like having the mixer. My GLD is in a touring case and is only unpacked at shows. I need to totally configure it off line between shows.

    Same thing for SQ now that it seems to be replacing the GLD.

    I can’t unpack the SQ to prepare for every show. I need to bring a USB (and spare) with show files to the gig and load it (before there is even a show network).

    Sometimes I think the folks in SQ development don’t actually use the mixers in real situations.

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    but you can configure nearly the whole system
    it’s only the Custom Layers for the MixPad app and some smaller things what’s missing at the moment

    I agree that it is very annoying to lose features,
    but I guess there was a reason for doing this

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