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    Hey folks!

    So we had an interesting thing happen this weekend:

    Our system is a dm48 w/ dante option card + c2500 (FOH,) and a cdm32 w/ dante card + c2500 (Live Web/multitrack recording.) Still running 1.4.

    Audio comes in @ DM48 and I use the tie lines to send all those inputs to cdm32, then on cdm32 I pass those on to a Mac Pro for the multitrack via those tie lines.

    I also have a Mac Mini running DSP (Live Professor 2,) on DANTE inserts for things like vocals. (AutoTune, some Fab Filter plugs, etc.)

    Dante Primary is connected to a series of switches we’ve installed in-house (all to spec.) Dante Secondary @ DM48 FOH is connected *directly* to dante secondary @ cdm32 Web rack. …so if primary dies, we lose Auto Tune, but errythang else passes through. (Full secondary redundancy is in the pipeline.)

    Saturday I ran band rehearsals, web mix, and multitrack – no issues whatsoever. Sunday morning we booted the system back up again and there was *zero* dante audio going from FOH to anywhere else. I confirmed it was not a network issue, I confirmed that DANTE was still passing to/from everywhere to cdm32 Web rack. I confirmed, via dante controller that the DM48 DANTE card was showing up, active, and reporting that it was working just fine. Primary/secondary were connected, patching/unpatching i/o in controller worked just fine, from multiple locations.

    i/o was properly routed in Dlive to tie-lines. Checked logs, zero errors reported anywhere. Both Primary and Secondary ports were showing activity. Yet… still no audio.

    I rebooted the system once and it didn’t fix it. Had to run our first service with no multitrack or web (we have a backup analogue sub-mix from FOH for that scenario.)

    Between service 1-2 I turned the whole thing off, removed and re-seated the Dante card in the dm48 FOH rack, rebooted the system, and everything worked just fine. Secondary came back online immediately, primary shortly after, (switches take a minute or two to boot.)

    I wanted to at least post this experience here, as it is somewhat concerning. I still don’t know exactly what happened but it *clearly* had to be an issue internally in the dLive console. IE – some kind of non-communication between the console and the AH card. Hoping it doesn’t happen again, but I’ve got a backup plan just in case!

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    I had quite similar issue when I decided to play with clock source (I know…) right before the show. I had external clock generator in siderack and temptation was high. My setup was following: DM64 with gigaACE in Slot 1 (for split to FOH desk), M-Dante in Slot 2 (for Dante IEM system) and another M-Dante in Slot 3 (for recording). So after changing clock and trying to hear any difference I set it back to internal.

    Show started about an hour later and suddenly I noticed the recorder is not getting any signal. Everything else was fine, just the card in Slot 3. I rebooted the card via Dante controller, removed channel subscriptions, put them back several times- nothing. After the show I power cycled the DM64 and everything worked immediately.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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