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    Automatic “IA” decision can end up in bad behaviors, because 1) they make modifications unknown by the sound engineer 2) their decisions are often not appropriate, yet some of them would be useful if they could be filtered.

    This issue concerns Live FBA and automatic gain adjustment (seetroubleshooting section). As a result, end up deactivating it totally, too risky… Yet it could be useful if I was in control.

    My suggestions, by priority:
    1) show a notification when auto FBA or automatic gain adjustment alter a configuration, to keep me informed.
    2) propose me to cancel this decision with a single “click” wherever I am (or even better, ask me to validate the change, or cancel it otherwise after a few seconds)

    Without a minimum human control, these automatic “IA-based” things end up being useless, and look more like a marketing bells and whistles thing that you end up deactivating due to some bad experiences. But with control, those feature could become truly useful.

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