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    My mistake: the gate was on on that channel. I thought it was off. Yes, with that changed and other settings the same, hissing is pretty loud. If I try to use the gate, it starts going in and out set at about -48db.

    My old 01V may be slightly quieter at the same gain setting, but I have no idea how much gain follows all the way to the phones output for each board, relatively.

    I can’t figure out if there is a way to compare the published specs versus the 01V96.

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    I submitted a tech support ticket to A&H with a link to the video, will report back with what they say….

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    here’s a copy of the response from A&H tech support.I guess what they’re saying is I’m listening to the noise floor driven to the max. would still like confirmation from other users that your desk acts the same way as mine, just to rule out any possible fault

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the video,

    The Qu has got a powerful headphone amplifier for loud Live situations.
    If you were to pass audio through at the settings shown on your video this noise would not be noticeable
    (please be careful if you do try this at these settings as you might damage both your headphones and your eardrums)

    If you make a recording and play that back you should not notice this noise either.

    We have an article in our knowledgebase section that was written primarily for users of our Xone DJ range,

    If you require further support please contact the official Allen & Heath distributor for the UK.
    They are now providing all UK technical support, service, warranty repairs, repairs, spares and sales.

    Audio-Technica Ltd
    Technica House, Unit 5 Millennium Way, Leeds, LS11 5AL, United Kingdom

    Tel: + 44 (0)113 277 1441
    option 4 – Technical Support
    option 5 – Customer Service & Repairs (inc Allen&Heath Spares)

    Alternatively, please note that you can also contact them directly via their contact form
    at the distributor page on the Allen & Heath website:

    If you have any difficulty getting in touch with the team at Audio Technica UK
    for any reason, please let us know by replying on this support ticket.

    We hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    Allen & Heath Technical Support

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    the internal gain structure is different than the one in 01V96

    Did anybody tried these settings with connected sources? That’s what counts.
    Plug in a microphone with switch and set up your gain for usable amounts and turn off the mic with the switch.

    The noise should be much lower than in your test.

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    HI you would happen to have the signal generator on at a low level. I did that when I was checking everything out and forgot it on in a monitor mix.

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    sorry just saw the second page


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