Noise Gate seems on when it's showing it isn't?

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    Had a couple of strange gig’s lately. The first was when on a vocal mic channel I kept missing the first word or couple of the singer. It sounds just like when the gate is waiting to open once the signal is loud enough. But I have no gate on the channel. I had 4 other vocal mic’s on and all those were fine.
    On a different gig it was a snare mic channel. Every now and again I was losing the snare. I could see he was hitting it but nothing coming out of the desk. Then it would come back in again. I had no gate on the channel, but it sure sounded like the gate was coming in and then releasing. (It wasn’t a dodgy lead or microphone)

    I’ve also had a gig when I couldn’t get ch 14 to work. Not the lead and mic, plug into next ch and it worked fine. The channel said it was on at the desk, routed to left and right. Not routed through any group or DCA that was off. I spent ages trying to find the problem but couldn’t work it out. When loading a new show for the next gig it was back on again. Still can’t figure out what it was that was stopping it from working.

    Anybody any ideas on the mysterious gating that seems to be on? or channel that wouldn’t work?


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    What version firmware? Could your automatic mic mixer be on? The AMM. Could give similar responses. The latest update is supposed to have improved the turn on time but if you don’t need it the channels on the AMM should not be engaged. Your second issue may or may not be related. If you don’t have 1.50 in then there is something else not right. AMM came with 1.50. 1.51 is the latest.

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    Does it change when you turn the threshold all the way down?


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