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    Hi everyone!!
    I have a problem with all the local inputs: apart from the fact that the preamps make a lot of noise from 35db of gain, every time the increase (gain) makes noise.
    A kind of paperclip. I would say that it is like a digital cliping.
    Anyone else has happened? Have you any solution occurs.
    The current version is 1.5.1 and with the previous one it also happened. I have tried prior to this and the same thing happens. Also to reset it from the factory (hard reset) and nothing, it keeps making that very annoying white noise and clip.
    Thank you very much and greetings!!!!!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @kik

    Some noise when adjusting preamp gain is completely normal and due to the digitally-controlled analogue stepping in gain values.
    To reduce this to a minimum, we use a zero crossing detection circuit which requires a signal to work with – as you wouldn’t be changing the gain without something connected, especially not with a live/open channel.
    Without anything connected (and especially at higher gain settings) the noise will be more apparent.

    If you do have a source connected and the noise is excessive however, please contact us using and we can look into it further with you.


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    could you actually be clipping?
    how hot is the signal coming in?

    does the red light on the channel strip trio come on?
    then you really are clipping.

    I can push our Qu preamps well into the 50s without noise – until feedback starts:)

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    Thanks for answering the question!
    The truth is that you do a very good job and above all you have patience with us😁
    Regarding my problem, I have tried several mics at the inputs(dynamic and condenser) and the clip still sounds the same.
    The noise is similar to the clicking sound that firewood makes when it burns. Mild , but it does.
    I would swear that this little noise did not do it before, since I have worked with sq5 in quite a few events and never noticed this.

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    Thanks for answering!!
    No, it is not for working or driving the signal to red
    If it is true that the internal noise of the preamps is more evident as there is no signal at the input. When working with signals, this own noise practically disappears and it is the feedback, as you mentioned well, that delights us with its presence 😉
    Although this clip that I mention is not an annoying noise (to call it somehow), it does worry me because it did not exist before. And although I have heard that it is normal in some digital tables, I had not had to appreciate it neither in this Sq nor in other consoles of other recognized brands.

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    suggest you open a support ticket.
    it sounds like that could be a hardware problem.
    bad chip? bad solder joint? who knows for sure but A&H support.

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    Mike C

    Now sure how loud the noise your hearing is or the environment your working in but any
    mixer preamps with the gain turned up high and no input will sound noisy. Some mixers more than others but all will do that.

    As for the ticking noise when changing the pre amp gain ( I noticed this post earlier)
    and just last night I was using my Qu16 and in headphones you can clearly hear the gain
    stage changes as tiny clicks.
    If it’s on an open mic channel not so much.

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