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    @dave, have you experienced this problem with one router or have you experienced it with multiple routers?

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    Multiple routers, i initially switched to the airport express because that was what AH said they used in house and tested with.

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    A big thank you to the anonymous poster who suggested a bent pin in the network socket due to accidentally plugging a USB B plug in there. I cam to this thread through a search because I’d lost network connectivity with my QU-24 after moving it – again, like Rob experienced.

    The post jogged my memory and I vaguely remembered plugging the USB in wrongly.

    A close look with good light and I could see that pin 3 was bent over and touching pin 2. I teased it back over with a sharp screwdriver and hey presto, everything’s back to where it should be.


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    Hello Friend!
    I have a problem
    I have a QU – 32, there are days I am trying to connect my android in it to be able to move, but every time I try the connection is not right, the application finds the table, but says that the connection fails. please, could you help me ?

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    Try setting your router to a different channel. You may be experiencing interference from nearby routers using the same channel.

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    I’m very late to the party on this thread, but I thought I’d post my experience with a similar issue in case someone is searching the forums for a solution.

    My QU 16 is not connecting to DHCP. After several days of troubleshooting I realized that the NETWORK port could be defective. I’ve never plugged anything into it, in the first two years or so of ownership, as I had no need to do so. So it was in the same condition as it left the factory, I’m certain.

    I have a simple continuity tester, and should have done this first, but even the cheapest devices rarely have this kind of problem. Never would have guessed this otherwise wonderful board could have a workmanship issue like this. Sure enough, only a few of the tines of the Cat5 cable showed presence of continuity.

    I can get connectivity if I force pressure on the cat5 cable, which seems to complete contact. Of course, I’m not going to be able to hold that while we work.

    Reading through the threads, and other forum-style sources on the web, I see several similar issues with the board from the same time period, including the one that Rob @hobsound discussed in this thread.

    First thing to do is to check that RJ45 port. Ensure the tines of the receiving jack are aligned, and positioned in a manner that ensures solid contact on all the twisted pairs of cat5 cable.

    I would also add that at first, the light for the Network jack would not light under any circumstances, including looping from the d-snake jack to the network jack. The expected result of that loop (I assume) is that both would flash consistently to indicate signal presence. On a whim, I reset (soft reset, from the scenes panel) and behold, the network jack began to flash, though still would not populate an IP address, so still not working. But a soft, or hard reset may recover a sleeping RJ45 port, I suppose. But each tine has to connect solidly for it to acquire an IP address.

    SO frustrating. This clearly left the factory in that condition, which means someone did not test this product sufficiently. Now, I have a problem jack, and I have to figure out where to get the part. I certainly hope it’s plug-in and not soldered. That would be a major hassle. Does anyone know how to get parts?

    Mike Carr

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    Hi Mike.
    I thought this had happened to me but what had damaged the ethernet socket was me accidentally plugging the USB-B plug into it! The USB socket is next to it on my Qu-24. It’s easy done.
    So not a manufacturing fault but user error.
    It’s possible that the same thing happened to yours.
    Straightening the pins carefully has sorted it and it’s rock solid now.

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