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    @dave, have you experienced this problem with one router or have you experienced it with multiple routers?

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    Multiple routers, i initially switched to the airport express because that was what AH said they used in house and tested with.

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    A big thank you to the anonymous poster who suggested a bent pin in the network socket due to accidentally plugging a USB B plug in there. I cam to this thread through a search because I’d lost network connectivity with my QU-24 after moving it – again, like Rob experienced.

    The post jogged my memory and I vaguely remembered plugging the USB in wrongly.

    A close look with good light and I could see that pin 3 was bent over and touching pin 2. I teased it back over with a sharp screwdriver and hey presto, everything’s back to where it should be.


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    Hello Friend!
    I have a problem
    I have a QU – 32, there are days I am trying to connect my android in it to be able to move, but every time I try the connection is not right, the application finds the table, but says that the connection fails. please, could you help me ?

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    Try setting your router to a different channel. You may be experiencing interference from nearby routers using the same channel.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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