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    I realize scene fading is coming in V1.4 release.

    Can a useful option also be installed that will go to the next scene and “GO”? Right now it is a multi-press affair and the display NEVER shows you what scene you are presently on.

    Presently it can be set up for “GO and NEXT”. The display will never show what scene you are on, only what scene you will go to next.

    My request is this:
    No matter how you came to the scene you are presently on (*) simply pressing one button you have the next scene live and the display shows that scene number so if you check your script it is easy to confirm where you are NOW.
    (*) You can multi press “next”. use the multi-knob to skip ahead or behind or use “go then next”

    Every time I try to use the present system I abandon it within two or three scenes as unworkable. Why does allen heath not want to indicate where you are now on the big display? “Go then Next is not a consistent way to advance the scenes depending on how you arrived at the present scene. Its whacky.

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