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    Got my cq18t a few days ago, live piano /guitar vocals user. have to say its been a great experience so far . Really easy to use & wasn’t difficult to get a great sound through my line 6 stage source system . I had the line 6 m20 d for a long time & the design of the cq is close in some ways ,this is as easy to use & has better preamps & effects . I also had the qu16 mixer & for me this is better for my usage.Effects are solid & very usable for live work . My modx keyboard sounds great & was easy to eq . Haven’t tried recording via my iPad with cubabsis yet but fingers crossed i will sort this asap. If your in the market for a small format digital mixer with usable for live work fx then i think this is perfect. Well done Allen & Heath .

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    +1… I’ll add some love I’m enjoying with the same unit as well… I’m very surprised how well an acoustic guitar does without any help in the signal chain… I have a Martin acoustic with a K&K system in it. I connected the guitar directly to the CQ18t without a DI box, fx processor, pre-amp or pedalboard to see what I would get…wow! Completely caught me off guard, it sounded fantastic. Weeping in CQ’s built in fx to the guitar brought me to nothing else seemed to be needed. Little did I think this mixer would provide all this for an astonishing accurate clean sound with such simplicity. I couldn’t stop there so I started to see what happens with electric guitars treated the same way. They were beautiful for clean tones. My Collings, Baritone, Strat and Tele all delivered. While I use two different pedalboards for my electrics, running straight into the mixer was surprising for revealing an instruments colors. Add the para eq, CQ fx and my goodness… loads to play with before considering adding something into the signal chain line. I don’t play everything clean but am very pleased with the accuracy of tonality and what this does for clean tones with plenty of headroom for my needs. Bravo A&H.

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    Great review & spot on !

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    KeithJ A&H

    Thank you both, so lovely to hear you’re enjoying your CQ’s 🙂
    A lot of the team pop into the community here to see what people are saying about what they’ve worked so hard on, so I’m sure they’ll be very pleased to see these kind words too!


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    Good idea, here is my input:

    Just for the record I perform sound engineering for various event, group, theater, dance show etc.
    I own a behringer X32 with stage box (for big events) and use to have a Presonus 16.0.2 (my first digital), an Alto Live 1602 (crap) and a ZED14 (my very first, regret selling it).
    So I know a bit of what mixing is.
    I also sing for my own, doing youtube covers or performing alone on backtrack in bars and cafe.
    I was looking for a high quality but small mixer for that especially.
    My CQ is the 12T:
    I immediately found the good setting for my live voice setting.
    For my use it is not a limitation to have only 2 FX engine.
    A little bit of easyVerb and a bit of Double Tracker and my voice is perfect and pops out just right out of the mix.
    I love the way FX setting are implemented, simple but efficient, don’t want to mess with a lot or parameters.
    Compressor is very efficient too and here all important settings are present.
    The PEQ is just what I need for voice.
    Feedback analyser is the cherry on the cake and AMM open to me the possibility to do also in the future corporate events, why not.
    It is so simple to achieve the desire setting intuitively and I believe this is the philosophy of this console, you dail/rotate and you listen.
    If it please your ear than you’re done.
    After a bit of adaptation I find the UI to be very intuitive and I have no grey area.
    Thank you A&H for this new mixer that fits my need.
    I send to all the team my best wishes for 2024.

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