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    First time posting here, I’m sure it will be obvious.
    I am a DJ and looking at switching from another digital mixer to one of the A&H CQ digital mixers. I have a few newbie questions
    1. Are the monitor outputs the same as others AUX OUTS?
    2. I like to run subs on AUX OUTs & main system & mics through the main outs, am I correct in assuming this CQ can do the same?
    3. On the CQ, can I go into the AUX OUT for the subs, and just establish crossover points/gain & be done?
    4. If the mixer needs a firmware update, will it still work as programmed or does it leave me stranded at a gig until the update is done?
    5. The USB port, is that for firmware updates only, or could I assign a channel to it as a music backup?
    I’m sure I’ll have a few more questions but this is a good start.
    Sorry if these seem like stupid questions but before I buy multiple mixers for my different systems, I want to make sure.

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    Hi , cq18t has 6 possible monitor outs but not sure about separate from other aux outs you mention as i haven’t used them ? Again not sure about crossover points but gain certainly will be there . With the cq18 Once you connect to the mix app if you need a software update it will be there on screen & its easily done through the App & i didnt have to use the usb method . Usb port can be used for multitrack recordings & daw recordings etc & music playback . As a live music mixer its fantastic butin my opinion for dj work unless you have bands to work with am not sure you would need all the functions it gives you ? Could be wrong . Thanks chris

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    1: CQs have 8 OUT, 6 auxiliary and 2 for MAIN L/R (the 20B have and extra assignale stereo OUT). All can be use to feed stage monitor, IEM or studio monitor.
    2: Yes, just route the desire channels you need into the sub to an OUT (the one you’ll plug the sub) and apply a PEQ, cutting the undesirable frequencies as you need. Just note that this OUT fader won’t follow MAIN L/R fader.
    3: see answer 2
    4: Unless there is a big and urgent need for firmware update that would jeopardize the use of the console, there is no obligation to update and your CQ will continue to work with no issues.
    5: USB B is for PC interface as multiple IN/OUT (for DAW and computers direct playback/recording) while USB A is for USB stick direct playback recording as well as firmware update. Note that firmware update are also done via the CQ MIXPAD APP.

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    1. The monitor outputs are aux busses. You have to set the level of everything sent to that buss independently of main LR. However, you can set it pre or post fade so you have a fair amount of flexibility. Keith shared a tip on another thread about setting all channels, to an aux, as post fade and then it sort of becomes a matrix of LR. Again, flexible.
    2. Yes, you can do the same but the aux outs don’t automatically become a copy of Main LR. you have to set what you want in the aux and then set it pre/post fade. You should be able to do what you want. The Alt-Out on the CQ-20 can be set to send a copy of a mix (aux, main LR, etc) but you don’t get independent control of PEQ/Limiter/FBA/etc on the alt-out because it’s a copy of something else.
    3. For each Aux Out/Monitor output you get Parametric EQ, Feedback Assistant, Limiter, and compressor). No crossover per se but you can probably do what you want in the PEQ.
    4. Firmware updates are packaged in the CQ Mixpad App. So, if the Mixpad app gets updated with one that has new firmware then, in my experience, you will have to perform the firmware update on the CQ before being allowed to control it again. When this happened to me, the show settings were retained but you should have them saved on USB anyway just in case. Best practice would probably be testing everything before you use it and then not do any more Mixpadd app updates until after your show is down.
    5. The primary use case for the USB is so you can save and recall shows and scenes. You can also record, and playback, 2-track stereo audio to/from it. If you want to record/playback multitrack audio then you need to use the MicroSD card.

    If you haven’t already, download and install the CQ Mixpad app on your tablet or PC. You can run it in demo mode and, while it’s not 100% perfect compared to the real gear, it allows you to virtually play with most of the settings and controls. You can get a pretty good feel for what the board can do/and how it does it simply by running the free app in demo mode.

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    Awesome! Thank you so much for the thorough answers to my questions. It sound like it will do exactly what I need.
    The sub out should be a mono signal so L/R won’t matter in that to me.
    Thanks again everyone! I appreciate the quick & detailed answers!

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