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    Please add the possibility to fast-access a specific screen by defining a soft-key!
    Touring with a particular band requires fast access to FX Slot 3 (for example) or than the GEQ of MIX4. Having a softkey that navigates directly to this screen (even not in “processing view”) could be really helpful!

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    I agree this is a good idea. I’d like to be able to use this to jump quickly to the RTA or input meters view. Quick access to FX racks could also be useful.

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    Well A&H did a really good job in fast access to the most of the pages! Meter-Page is already only 1 klick! Rta max. 2!

    But especially GEQ of a specific mix (incl. fader-flip) would be awesome!

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    This would be good. The FX thing is mostly available already though, selecting the send mix or return channel will take the screen to that FX engine as long as the screen is in “Processing” mode, which it normally is anyway.


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    Well, i would like to see that labeling is possible. So add a textbox in the softkey setup screen and show those labels in the main view instead of the big GLD logo.

    i use so many different softkey layouts in my shows, so something like a simple label helps me a lot.


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    it’s an old thread.. but i’m still missing it: Bookmarks for Pages to assign by softkeys (like the Yamaha Desks)

    for GLD and dLive with just one screen would this be super handy!

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    wow… Look at all of those soft keys on the dLive.
    I agree with eotsskleet
    Surely it cant be that difficult to add an ‘add to soft key’ to quick access a tab or a page! ?
    I’m really talking all the A & H range.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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