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    I thought I would add to feeds already posted to add another person requesting particular features. As a QU-24, QU-SB and now a CQ-20B user, there are a few features or requests, at least for my workflow;

    1) Custom layer – this is really needed to make the workflow nicer, and should be easily achieved.
    2) Custom mute groups assignable to the Soft keys is a rather important missing feature. Also, given the CQ-20B has no screen or solid features – it works purely off an iPad, a scribble strip/label automatically attached to the Soft keys has been badly missed. I would normally put physical tape next to each Soft key to remember its function. It is sometimes an issue remembering what each Soft key does, quickly.
    3) I agree with some other posts that the initial HPF control on the gain setting screen needs to be placed or doubled on the PEQ page for clarity.
    4) When first opening the Home Screen ‘Scenes’ page, it defaults to the first Scene position rather than the current ‘open’ Scene. I have this set to an initial clean settings Scene, and don’t really want to accidentally overwrite it.
    5) It is a bit disconcerting that when MixPad is not the main focus on my iPad – it loses connection. I can’t remember whether that happens on the QU-SB as well. In any case, surely that can be remedied?

    Despite these feature requests, and a number from other users, A&H have really done a great job on this series, it is a powerfully featured smaller mixer that fills a gap in the market for a fully featured digital mixer where a larger series is not needed. I love using this mixer as much as the other, larger series ones.

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    Martin B

    1) MIDI compatibility through the app (remotely controllable)
    2) A simple matrix solution with basic processing for sub-out or FF switchable from the AUX outs. (just add pre-fader main out option with a EQ and delay to the AUX´s! 🙂
    3) Custom mute groups on soft-keys

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    Good suggestions. I’m still asking for a simple mid sweep control to be added to the EasyEQ screen.

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    +1 🙏

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    I need to be able to move channel strips from one bank to another, example on my cq12t there are only 5 inputs on the first tab or page with 3 empty slots , I need to move input 6and usb
    Channels should be able to slide in those empty slots for the first page

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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