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    I agree with all. mice, keyboards, possible other I/O options. but what would make me happy and all warm and fuzzy… FOH/Monitor options for the Qu series.

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    “Another thing very important could be the possibility to putone input to various channels, eg. In1 in the channels 1,2,3&4in QU and especially on GLD. Many engineers need to do that in their show, and so far, I didn’t know how to do it. That is possible currently in the most consoles.

    You can do this with a dSnake, not with local connections.

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    David J.

    Really? On GLD? Could you explain me how? I could never. I really appreciate if you explain me the way I could never.

    Many thanks!

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    In the preamp screen on GLD you have a selection in upper left I think to the source for that channel. So say go to channel 5. Go to that selection button and select input socket 1. So now mic 1 is on strip 5. And so on.

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    Channel Insert jacks on the QU, please. At least for a few channels anyway.

    For example, I want to compress incoming bass guitar and I want it to be compressed in both mains and monitors alike. I can’t see any simple way to make an outboard effects loop without burning up mix channels and additional input channels.

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    @gordon: don’t forget that on a digital console such channel inserts require additional DA/AD stages which adds latency and noise to the system and, of course, increase cost significantly. We already have compressors and similar which are regularly used on a per-channel basis and its already possible to take monitor feeds from post-compressor point (post-all).
    On the other hand having a couple of “assignable insert jacks” which could be inserted to any channel/mix/master etc. would indeed be a great idea.

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    An entirely pre-digital insert could be placed between the preamp and ADC, but of course then the insert would be tied to the socket, not the channel!

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    @andreas: Yes, I am aware of the Post-All setting, but that would completely ruin the bass player’s personal (IEM) mix.

    @mervaka: Good point. When the XLR-input is in use, there is already a 1/4″ jack there (Line-In) going to waste. Why couldn’t I just push a button and have that same jack convert into an insert? Would it be a problem that it comes before the A/D stage? (Is the Preamp analog?)

    I suppose a completely different approach might be to give the user the ability to re-order the various processing sections in the channel signal path, i.e., swap the Gate and Compressor so that “Pre-EQ” Mix source point can include the compressor. (I know it is standard practice to not compress a stage mix for the benefit of vocalists, but in some special cases such as this, the need may arise.)

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    Not to be a spoiler but….
    I think a big plus to the move to digital consoles was the ability to declutter and simply our work flow. Sure I love outboard gear. I own some very expensive and vintage gear for studio use. But they are tied to a big analog console. That’s part of the reason.
    I feel that if that is your desire then you need to stay in that environment. I have always said. I think these consoles were designed primarily for live use but just happen to record. I have never looked at them as a studio console but that’s another discussion. I think you just have to work with them the best that they can offer you which is a ton of bang for the buck. No one brand is perfect. You have to pick what will work best in your case. You probably won’t get to 100% of your desires but should get close.

    Everyone has their pet wants. There is no way that any manufacturer can address everyone of them.

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    Surely the thing that’s missing from A&H’s range of digital desks is a tiny one, priced from £250 or so. Several others available now, or very soon, with small number of preamps & phone/tablet as main (or only) control.

    No idea if putting the QU-16 brain in a tiny box with say 4 preamps + some line in, would be feasible, would work on price, or if a compleatly new product would be needed, but I’d find it very useful.

    Rather than built in WiFi though, which seems to give other products lots of problems, I’d sugest a USB port that “speaks” iOS/Android, and let us add our own WiFi if it’s required.

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    Mark. I kind of expected to see that happen but thankfully it hasn’t. The SB is sort of an attempt in that direction. I applaud A&H for not joining the race to the bottom yet as others have.

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    I would be interested in a GLD2.0. Something to bridge the gap between GLD and dLive:

    – 64 x 30 x 8 fx
    – Dsnake protocol with universal ports (no “expander”-only ports on the surface)
    – 2+ i/o card slots
    – Built-in 32×32 USB recording
    – 3 Surface Models: 12 (rackmount), 20, and 28 fader
    – Larger multi-touch screen + monitor out
    – Keyboard connect
    – Virtual patchbay similar to dLive
    – Dedicated mute groups
    – DCA spill
    – Better ergonomics (screen/channel strip at an angle better suited for the seated position)
    – Better mobile apps (full access via iPad app, phone app for monitor mix)

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    That would be a killer console. I’m just not sure AH is willing to jeopardize dLive sales for it. Most of my general sales area is QU. I think if that were available I might could push some folks that direction who likely can’t justify dLive. I haven’t pushed GLD a lot since being forced to have stage boxes for full channel count and local inputs runs the price up. That model would need full local inputs like QU.

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    Been using a Qu-16 and Qu-32 multiple times a week, very happy with it.

    With that said, a Qu series V2 would be nice, no need for a full model change, just some upgrades.

    In order of importance to myself:

    1: LCD scribble strips
    2: More digital I/O (2 AES I/O)
    3: Same mix bus across all models, so a Qu-16 can be connected to a 32 channel digital snake and bounce between layers to access all channels. It would be VERY convenient for me to travel to a gig with the Qu-16 and stage box instead of the Qu-32 and stage box if I only need 20 or so channels.
    3: Option cards (Madi, Dante, extra I/O, etc.)
    4: Digital stage box with digital I/O. It’s a bummer when I run the digital stage rack out it’s analog XLR into an amp that has an AES input. I just did 2 totally unnecessary conversions.
    5: Outputs available to gang stereo or all mono, seems strange you’re forced into stereo sends.
    6: Class Compliant so no drivers are needed for audio on either Mac/PC
    7: Offline editor
    8: Multiple sample rates, being forced into 48k feels like I’m in Avid’s world.
    9: Wordclock I/O, we often travel with a black lion which goes unused with the Qu’s
    10: Keyboard support
    11: Sidechaining on compressors and gates
    12: Backwards compatibility with V1 equipment on V2 equipment so thousands of items don’t end up in a landfill sooner than necessary.
    13: One of the stereo channels should have RCA connections in parallel. There’s been many times where we’ve lost our RCA to 1/4″ cables and ran around like lunatics looking for a way to play an iPod or CD player.

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    I forgot one HUGE issue I have with this console.

    When activating USB audio on a channel, it DISABLES the channels input.

    So you CANNOT use the Qu inputs to a computer, and the output from the computer back into the console.

    It makes it impossible to use USB audio as an insert on a channel.

    You CAN do this with other consoles, so it shouldn’t be a limitation.

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