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    I have had customers ask me what A&H is doing as for a new console. I tell them the dLive was the last new one. But obviously their curiosity is what lower price model might be forth coming. I tell them I have no idea. From the QU through GLD to D and iLive the market is pretty covered. We’ve been able to get most all of the most requested things added. Sure, there are a few things that would be nice but I understand they just can’t add everything.

    If I had a request for a new board what would it be? Hmmm. I could think of several things but most of all I think I would like an improved QU16-32 with at least a single minimum 6 digit scrabble strip. It could just be segment type like say on Avid SC-48.
    Wouldn’t have to be LCD or anything else. That’s been one big complaint even with less
    layers. Still would be nice. Maybe a 48 channel engine? Yes. I have ran out a few times.

    Others chime in. What would you like in a new style or design?

    Don’t get me wrong. Love the QU’s and GLD. Own both. Wish I could justify a dLive. Just looking forward.

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    A console targeted also for studio use needs to run at least at 44.1 and 48kHz (to avoid resampling for CD production) and should integrate into a studio master word clock.
    For live use accepting the Monitor output of a dSnake box as digital input would be nice as well (monitoring use).

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    I’d want a QU-16 Surface…

    i.e. reliant on a stagebox for most audio inputs.
    I’d appreciate an Alt-Out, headphones and ST3 remaining local.

    The other thing I’d like in it though – are the brains of a QU-32, so it would take more layers, but that’s relatively easy.

    The extra layers also suggest Digital Scribble strips…

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    I would love a modern R-72 with the ability to use it as a remote control for studio use and to have a small studio stagebox system that is network based (Dante, AES67, AVB) and has 2 to 4 mic inputs per device, POE, one headphone amplifier

    an option for a bigger dsp stagebox for the heart of the studio with analog and digital I/O working as a monitor controller

    the surface should have a headphone socket, talkback mic, scribble strips or a small display for the names and colors, a big volume knob, switches for source selection, a hardware keyboard, Jog/Shuttle and transport keys

    the S3 system comes to mind…

    the layout of the Qu-16 is really great as a controller,
    but it misses some features for serious studio use, like sample rates other than 48kHz, digital I/O
    in project studio use and live recording it is a great system

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    Ooh – cascade able low cost stage boxes?

    Qn ME-1, but with a few local inputs?

    Or switched teeny tiny stage boxes? POE 1-4 inputs and a single output (switchable between line or headphone amp)

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    I’d like something smaller with touch screen control along the lines of the QSC Touchmix. Also, I’d love to have the D-Live audio quality and performance in the QU-PAC format. Maybe a D-PAC!?

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    cascade able low cost stage boxes?

    Qn ME-1, but with a few local inputs? YES great idea!

    Or switched teeny tiny stage boxes? POE 1-4 inputs and a single output (switchable between line or headphone amp)

    So are we seeing the request for cat 5 stage boxes?
    Thats how I see stages…
    Or is there a whole range of digital wireless about to come of age?

    My mixer request is for a Qu/dLive studio version
    however .. 16 channel desks have been the biggest selling desks in the world!
    The mouse still rules.
    I would like a USB port to plug a mouse into a desk with multiple screens on a mixer removing the requirement to use external computers and to be able to do editing within the one desk domain. {maybe external screens?]

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    allowing us to color code the input channels on the Q-Pad app would be nice,
    I think the Apple i-Pad has a color screen.

    I have been, and will continue to beat this dead horse.

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    Well if we were to be allowed to plug a mouse in, can we have a qwerty keyboard too? Besides entering names, it would give many shortcut possibilities plus Function keys

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    For sure YES I agree
    A USB plugin keyboard on a mixer [including live scenarios] would be great.
    Renaming and shortcuts.
    and then of course we could plug-in the mice [mouses’] to the key board like a mac’s keyboard.
    Is that mice or mouses’ ?
    I use multiples.

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    Is that mice or mouses’ ?

    miceees 🙂
    wooo wooo wooo wooo wooo wooo

    computer mouse

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    I like my QU 24, but it would be nice if the entire back panel could detach from the mixer and become the stage box via cat5. Or, on some jobs, I could leave it attached and use it for local inputs. Thus, reducing my initial investment.

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    Gordon,, that would be amazing!

    I use a QU24 too and love it…
    I wish there was a way to have the iPad “mirror” the LCD display.
    Since the iPad is a touch device, it too could be used for adjusting things on a larger screen.

    I have asked for this feature a number of times

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    – Some digital I/O, such as SPDIF, AES and possibly even ADAT (to extend the I/O). The digital I/O could be patchable to any channel or even just switchable on certain channels, so that on a Qu16 the Stereo 3 input could be assignable either to the analog or digital input.

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    David J.

    Another thing very important could be the possibility to putone input to various channels, eg. In1 in the channels 1,2,3&4in QU and especially on GLD. Many engineers need to do that in their show, and so far, I didn’t know how to do it. That is possible currently in the most consoles.

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