NEW CONCEPT – "D Groups" Groups with DCA like behaviour!

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    OK we have seen MANY posts asking for Group Spills and also for DCA Metering with much discussion on the later (what would be metered etc). But how about a new concept altogether:

    A group that can also have Digital Control of its assigned members – just like a DCA. Lets call it a D Group that has normal group functions such as assignable members, Group mix level metering, processing select etc but with the difference being that it’s LEVEL functions behave like a DCA on its members. In other words – the Group level would be internally set at Unity gain and the Fader would instead become a DCA level control of its members providing DCA benefits including Spill functionality, and proportional control of member post fade aux sends.

    How the MUTE button on this new D Group would work would be up for debate – Would it be a group MUTE or behave as a DCA mute? My thought would be to make it a normal Group mute as separate mute groups can already be set up and assigned to softkeys etc. Perhaps it could have a selectable option: Behave as Group Mute or behave as DCA Mute?

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on this concept?

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    I’d take that, but it seems harder to pull off than just spilling the groups. I almost assume that A&H has a reason they don’t want to implement that feature. On our broadcast setup we have DCAs and GROUPs for the same things just because we need group processing but DCA spill for just fader space on the C3500.

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    With 24 DCAs it’s easy to use some as “POP” groups
    I always use 3-4 user keys to spill the DCA groups without the DCA master faders assigned to the surface

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    SteffenR yeah good idea but I’m also on C series and already find there is not enough softkeys. I’d love to have external Midi triggerable sofkeys!

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    You can already trigger custom midi from a soft key. Are you describing something different?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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