Net work Switch to join QU16 & 32 simultaneously? As per Diagram.

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    I used both the Qu16 & 32 very sucussfully life show outside over 2 days. Side of stage was Operations are in marquee.

    However I got caught a few times having to take 2 Ipads into the Crowd to tweak.
    So this brings me to question if this is can be done.
    Joining the net works of both QU16 & 32 through a net work switch to a router so just the ONE ipad [QuPad] could then flip between the 2 mixers?

    Thanks for any thoughts…

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    Mike C

    That would work, you will not just be able to “flip” between boards though. You would need to log out of one mixer re-open QuPad and select the other mixer from the list.

    Is there a way to have the Qu Pad app installed twice on an iPad?

    I would set static IP’s on the mixers and make sure they are named differently.

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    Thanks for a reply.
    At this moment I’m running 2 airport extremes and become cumbersome carrying 2 iPad Pros with Armourdog cases. Heavy.

    I had wondered about installing 2 Apps but how would I do that?
    I can not tell the apps where to install, not like a PC or name them differently like on an macbook pro?
    The mixers are named differently as are the Airport extremes…

    At this moment it takes way to long to log out of say the QU32 router and log onto the QU16 router.
    Ahh so I would still have to change the wifi log on in the ipad?

    Any recommendations for a network switch?

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    Mike C

    You only need one wifi router as long as is has more than one LAN port. You would stay logged on to that wifi network the whole time and via the QU pad app log into the the 32 or the 16.

    No sure if there is a way to install the same app twice on an iPad.

    How fast do you need to go from one mixer to the other?

    Depending on the functions you need to do maybe you could use the Q Control or Q You apps
    on one of the mixers.

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    This Works Brilliantly

    Thank you Mike C .. I just tried the 2 LANs into airport extreme and it takes only 7 seconds to switch between mixers. Thats fine! and bearable even walking adjusting monitors on stage so long as I keep my head focused. Monitor sends are summed passively out of AR2412s at stage if you were wondering.
    I run the Drums/ Bass and back line on the QU16 and everything else on the 32.
    I know I have 32 channels on top level however I use 4 groups and 4 efx returns on faders at all times. Custom layer

    Can you just tell me why you would use Independent ip addresses rather than just leaving the mixers on DHCP ?
    Thankyou again.

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    Mike C

    I feel using a static IP on the mixers allows them to connect faster/more reliably.

    You do need to make sure the DHCP range on the router is out of the range that the mixers
    IP addresses are set to. I would also limit the DHCP addresses the router can hand out to
    just the max possible number of any connected devices.

    With a static IP on the mixers and if you carry a spare router with you the spare needs to configured exactly like your main router.

    Did you change the default IP address the router came configured with, that’s tiny bit of extra added security.

    Also hide the routers SSID’s and only connect using the 5g connection, actually turn off the 2.4 broadcast all together.

    Look at getting a WIFI scanner app to check the area your working in to make sure your not on the same channel as the buildings access point. In 5g non of the channels overlap so it easy to pick a free channel if you find your on the same one as an access point or other router.
    WIFI scanner APP are more available for Android devices.

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    Mike C

    How many total channels are you running?

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    QU 16 – 12 channels with 4 for Rev delay returns and st 1/2 custom layer
    Qu 32 – 24 channels with 4 groups and 4 efx returns. St1 and 2 are used from QU16 LR and 9/10 for subs AUX fed. ST1 & 2 need to be phase reversed from the Q16. Once QU32 ST1&2 are set don’t need to go back to them.
    So all on custom layer. One surface.
    Have to be careful with routing!

    Thanks for the tips on networking.


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