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    This is my first post. Can someone please educate me on what the 1year warranty on the Qu32 covers? I have searched through documentation on it but I’m unable to find answer. What faults or issues does the warranty cover. What kind of electrical faults does it cover? I ask because I feel I’m being treated unfairly for a Qu32 that won’t turn on by my local dealer. Its within warranty.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @ki100 and welcome to the community.

    The manufacturers warranty on the Qu-32 will cover any fault with the unit as long as it has been used according to our user manuals, technical specifications and other Allen & Heath product published guidelines, for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

    edit: I see you have already contacted through support about this case and that we are trying to find out what’s going on for you.


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    Hello KeithJ,
    Thanks for the reply. Yes I contacted support and one of your reps contacted my local dealer here concerning my ticket. I was then informed by A&H that the issue is being looked into.

    But I received a call today from my local dealer and they are still insisting I make payments for my Qu32 to be fixed, even though it’s still under warranty.

    This is a clear disregard for the A&H’s warranty provisions, customer service and relationship as far as I know.

    This is not the first time I and some of my clients have been denied warranty for equipment that is clearly covered by warranty by this same dealer.(PS:Items in question were not from A&H).I can recall at least 5 times, but that is not the essence of this post. In the past I turned a blind eye, but now I’m totally fed up.

    It gets very confusing,that is the reason for this post, to see if by chance I can get some enlightenment from others who probably have been subjected to this kind of unfair treatment.

    Even though I have been informed by A&H that the issue will be sorted out, the behaviour of my local dealer here raises a lot of concern, fear and doubt in my mind.

    I sold my X32 to get the Qu32, the first A&H product I have owned, and the experience so far with my local dealer cocnerning the Qu32 has been nothing less than hell. To make it worse, it’s been more than nine(9) months since I sent the Qu32 to the local dealer for repairs. I have since made numerous calls and follow-ups to this dealer to no avail till date.

    I’m really anticipating a favourable outcome. Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards

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