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    Hi there
    Is there any planning for upgrade in Dlive S series with More Output Busses such as instead of 64 busses if we get 96 or 128 Output Busses total it will help for future or is there any new large format console announcement from Allen & Heath because In current scenario so many other large format consoles are with minimum Upto 120 Busses and in Dlive we are with only 64 busses so it will help for future requirements if you guys increase the Output Busses in Dlive S series

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    I can’t imagine this is going to happen with the DLive.
    I’d also be surprised if A&H was close to releasing a DLive replacement.

    In other words, if you need more than 64 busses, you’ll need to look for another manufacture.

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    I think you should keep in mind that A&H is counting the number of mixes different than i.e. Yamaha. With A&H the FX-Units do have Return-Busses — as far as I know they are in addition to the 64 mix busses. So DLive has 16 FX with each a stereo return, makes another 32 mix busses. 64+32 = 96 mix busses overall.

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    Nicola A&H

    Tobi, while it’s true that our FX Returns don’t use Input channels (so you have 128 Input channels + 16 stereo FX Returns, which is the equivalent of a 160ch console), FX Sends do count towards the 64 mix busses.

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    Mixed that up… sorry…

    Best Regards,

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    I think there’s probably room for a dLive XL MixRack. I also think it probably wouldn’t be hard to let the existing surfaces connect to both kinds (although you’d have to get real creative to access all those channels and busses on a C1500 or S3000).

    Maybe add a 4-bank surface to the lineup, too.

    Speaking of which, it’d be a great opportunity to offer a “V2” of the surfaces, too. I’m sure by now A&H has accumulated enough feedback that there are things they’d change if they could.

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