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    Still waiting for budgetary approvals before we can start upgrading our system
    Hope ours will be as interesting

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    Bill in TN

    Topher… I hope you can do it soon and I’m sure you will like it. I might even have experienced enough to give some advice 🙂

    While I’m still learning dLive I remain amazed at the improvements in overall sound quality we have experienced. I’m sure the pro’s would listen to our service and want to fix a bunch of things (we are still working on many things) but I believe that a song they did this past Sunday (for the first time) was the best our house has ever sounded with clarity and dynamics that I’ve never experienced. It feels like we’ve replaced our speakers as well. What we really need is about an 8 hour practice session to work on individual channel EQ and dynamics. I guess it’s time for me to learn to record and do virtual sound checks to play with drums and guitars for example.

    This week I did some more overhaul in our recording area off stage and it might be turning the corner. We can send a ‘mix’ from FOH on an aux or we can fire up a Mac with Dante VSC and mix there and record onto a new external drive. Either the FOH mix or the Mac mix can be used to generate the audio for the video recording station, our distribution system, external recorder, whatever. We have always had a little 2 channel in 5 out stereo unit for this. We started with just 16 channels but now that there is a faster recording drive we’ll try 32 and may go to full 64.

    I’m taking a break from sound and going on vacation the next couple weeks.

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    Bill in TN


    It’s been some time and we’ve been through Christmas Season and a few other fun things with dLive. I’m still learning and coming here once in a while to read the latest things being discussed and finding helpful stuff. The thing I enjoy most these days is just being able to come in and (often our music minister has already flipped the switch) start on stage with ‘Director’ and make sure everyone is happy with the stage then wander into the auditorium and mix a bit. Sometimes I don’t even make it upstairs until the service is about to start but usually one of the other guys is upstairs and I wander & love it.

    A few things on the short list still:
    – another wire for remote power to the ME and stuff behind the drum booth which already has a sequencer
    (stage left where orchestra sits has remote power for the old Aviom they use)
    – move from single input to our speaker processors and split the center cluster, side fills, upper and lower balcony so we can matrix and use dLive for EQ and delay on each send and probably put the processor back closer to flat, this way we can remotely tweak these things.
    (our old processors (EAW) can handle four separate inputs so that should work out)
    – do some more work on our distribution and hearing impaired systems which probably needs replacing

    For fun I would add a picture of our install, this is so much cleaner than what we had prior and monitor world used to be just behind the orchestra where that empty booth is.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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