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    not quite understanding the Qu-pad app showing connection between Qu-SB and the AB168 along with the steady flashing led lights on both ends however looking at the input I/O and source on the input page shows not connected (N/C)
    I “thought” the AB168 would show as channels 17-32 by default.
    when I change the source in the I/O input moving 32 to 16 which is at this point is a duplicate source (test signal coming in through channel 16 on the AB168) now I see signal on QUPad app on both 16 and 32. I’m a bit confused about what’s going on here.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @Em

    I think some confusion with dSnake and Qu-SB/Qu-Pac is because the I/O sockets on Qu itself are fixed/’hard patched’ (and labelled) but dSnake inputs are patchable so what sometimes helps is to think about the mixer channels (in the core) separately from the input/output sockets.
    Then you can think about the 32 input channels in the Qu core which are always there, and you just need to decide which input signal to send to them:
    The first 16 input channels can be sourced from local= Qu-SB sockets as numbered, dSnake= digital snake inputs 1-40 or USB= Qu-Drive multitrack 1-16 or USB-B channels 1-16.
    The next 16 input channels can be sourced from dSnake= inputs 1-40 or USB= USB-B channels 17-32.

    So with an AB168 connected and wanting to use its input sockets 1-16 for input channels 17-32, you need to patch the dSnake inputs 1-16 (the AB168) to input channels 17-32 (in the core) then also switch these channels to ‘dSnake’.
    By default, the dSnake input is already double patched, 1-16 > 1-16 and also 1-16 > 17-32. So if you haven’t changed anything else, you can simply switch the input source for 17-32 to be dSnake.

    Regarding the N/C, this could either be because you are patching non-connected sockets from dSnake (i.e. input sockets above #16 when you only have 16 connected), there is a firmware update going on (firmware is auto-matched on connection, so if an update is required, it could take a couple of minutes) or there is something wrong with the connection.

    If you’re still having issues, just give us a shout using 🙂


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    Thank you for such a quick reply!
    yeah, it’s a little funky compared to my Qu-24 but it’s working! LoL!
    I kept thinking the hard patch (SB) was first in line in the I/O matrix but it’s the AB168. I noticed the same with the AR84.
    looking at the source page…Local(red) is the SB while Main (yellow) is dSK in this case the AB168.
    While the I/O matrix dSnake in still shows channels 17-40 are “N/C” those channels are working…ugh!
    but hey…now I know!
    Thanks again!

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