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    Hi Everybody,

    I’m planning on opening my new studio soon (it depends on how quickly I recover from the somewhat recent Quadruple Bypass surgery that I had). I’d like feedback about my equipment list from you guys, especially if you see anything glaring that I’m missing. Both positive and negative feedback is welcomed.

    This is my first attempt at posting a picture. So, hopefully it will work. It’s a view of my current main console setup that I created in Powerpoint. I just got the Manley Core yesterday, so I will post updated actual pictures once I take some new ones.

    Studio Trends Desk & Side Car
    Odyssey Angled Rack
    iMac 27″ (1TB Fusion Drive, 16GB RAM)
    Adam A77X Monitors
    Event 20/20 V2 Monitors w/QSC RM850 Amp
    Akai MPK225 (also have a Nektar Impact LX49, Roland Juno 1, & Yamaha SY22.
    Manley Core
    UA LA-610 Mk II
    Warm Audio TB12 Tonebeast
    Korg D1600MKII
    Presonus HP60 Headphone Amp
    Presonus Monitor Station V2
    Glyph Studio 2TB Drive
    Glyph Studio 1TB Drive

    Logic Pro 10.2
    Studio One Pro 3
    Ableton Live
    Waves: Platinum Bundle, API Collection, CLA Classic Compressors, CLA Signature Series, Scheps 73, Bass Rider
    Antares Auto Tune 8
    Komplete 11
    Soundtoys 5
    Lexicon PCM Reverb Bundle
    Slate: VMR, FG116 Blue Series FET Compressors

    Various Mics including: Neumann: TLM49, AKG: C414XLS(X2), P170(X2) Audio Technica: AT4050/LE, AT2035 Rode: NT-2A, Sennheiser: MD421-II(X2), E609, E604(X6), E838, Telefunken M82, M80-SH, Audix D6(X2), Shure SM57(X3), Shure SM58(X2), Countryman E6, & some others… I’m going to get some new Drum Overheads and I’m debating between the Neumann SKM184 Stereo pair or Telefunken M60 Stereo set. I’m leaning towards the Telefunken’s.

    9 Pro level Headphones.

    Shure IEM’s.

    Tons of stands (short booms, short straight, full-length booms, dual keyboard stand, guitar stands, music stands, etc.)

    Tons of instruments for rent: (Guitars: from: PRS(X2), Gibson, Fender American, EVH, Jackson, Charvel, Ovation, Fender Jazz Bass Guitar) (Drums: 3 Different sets including a 20 piece kit with 19 Zildjian A Custom & K Custom cymbals, a 4 piece 1960’s vintage Slingerland, an 8 piece Spaun kit, & 8 different snares) (Guitar & Bass Amps from Trace Elliot, Fender, Marshall, Peavey, & a vintage Sears Silvertone Twin 12).

    Tons of effects pedals from the likes of Wampler, MXR, Boss, Digitech, etc.

    Guitar Wireless setups from Line 6.

    DI’s from Radial & Countryman.

    Power Conditioners from Furman.

    Upwards of 130 various cables from Mogami, Canare, Lava, etc.

    Any feedback on what I may be missing would be appreciated.


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