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    Hi all 🙂
    Dear santa,
    -Hpf on all mixes (+a polarity switch would be great)
    -for all PEQ’s(in and out):add the possibility to select peak/shelf/AND LPF filter on the 4th band

    Qu-pad app:
    -report the mix/group/fx name on the mix/group/fx send buttons
    -add choice of colors in the naming section

    Scene and global filters :The custom layers are not saved in the scene programs with the qu-sb. The allow/block button doesn’t work. Bug? Or is it only for real faders layers on qu-16/24/32? I understand that the custom layers are only in the ipad and the ipad is only a remote control, so the qu-sb ignore my custon layers
    In short dear santa,could you please fix it or add it? 😉

    Ok i’m new here it was my first post i’m from france (as you can see my english) and very happy to join the community.
    (Plzzzz hpf and lpf!!!!! So important!!)

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    The SB has no layers, but being able to save layers on QuPad would be welcome…

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    Participant makes sense and after all i have 6 layers with my 2 ipad wich is confortable and ergonomic..
    by the way: ability to name them would be clearer for quick access.(especially when using 2 ipad!)
    (dear santa… )

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    Drummer Tom

    Not being a religious person, I’ll say it anyway….. Amen!

    I have been asking for HPF’s on outputs since the day I got mine….. (almost a year now!)

    I’m hoping someone at A&H bothers to read this and pays attention…

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    Drummer Tom

    BTW, I have a Qu-Pac, but I believe the function is the same.

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    And if we can name things, how about the mix buttons on the iPad… heck, even if they just raw truncate the mix name…

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    And while we’re at the “naming game”, how about a way to give the MTK files a name to discern them from one and another without having to use some sort of memory aid.


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    I add my name to the ‘Dear Santa’ requests above!

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    Yes, LPF & HPF on the outputs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! 🙂 Then I can throw my faulty Driverack in the bin!

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    Yes, LPF & HPF on the outputs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! 🙂

    So there it is!
    Most QU users want these!

    Surely it must be similar, within the programming of all of the range of our beloved QU operating system?

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    Xyz – I’m not sure we can say ‘most’

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    Lets withdraw the ‘most’
    Most All lots 500 5000

    Originally in typing I said all.. then amended it to most
    lets say 500. A very conservative estimate in a scale in a world wide earthly scenario

    So generally from my observation in past posts’ [plural] about requesting high low filters on out-puts… it appears that within this forum there seems to be some positive energy towards audio guys wanting this ability in the QU series of digital mixers.
    This has been talked about for the last 3 years.
    So its probably not going to happen!


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    I would be surprised if we don’t see a new version of the QU or some new name at Winter NAMM. It’s time for something new and especially since they’ve just about abandoned updates for QU and GLD. Only thing is I hope the current stage boxes will work on anything new.

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    Gcumbee …

    I hope the current stage boxes will work on anything new

    you got that right!
    However, with a simple understanding of logic and marketing, it is expected that their purple and “newer” black boxes will NOT be compatible. They will start advertising the typical crap about the new MIC PREEEES and how much quieter and cleaner they are. They will give them some new patented name and of course recording engineers with their noses in the air, (not me though) will trash talk the preamps because they are not warm sounding, Geeez ;(

    If the old boxes are compatible and A&H releases a replacement version of the Qu series they would loose a gob of money making everyone buy new stage boxes. I like my purple boxes.

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