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    I don’t no why, but have A&H a problem with win? Aren’t they able to make this real. So when this is the reality I never buy a A&H produkt again.

    shame on you

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    here an answer from A&H-England.

    That makes things more tricky, the QU MIDI is NRPN messages which is more difficult to configure. The DAW control app for Mac translates the NRPN messages to HUI/Mackie Control but we don’t offer this level of support for Windows based systems.

    If Cubase doesn’t support NRPN then something like Bomes to translate in to a more friendly protocol might be an option but it’s not something we offer directly unfortunately.

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    Dick Rees

    You might just as well be mad at Microsoft. Dump the PC and get a Mac. Or look at the solution that AH did mention.

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    I love windows
    but time is short.
    I use all 3 PC MAC & Ubuntu
    I tried the 3rd party convertor and thought na. just another bit of something to fail at the wrong time when you arew under pressure.
    Keep it simple

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    did you try BOME? I run a Windows box and am still without a QU-16 for the studio…
    has any got the QU-16 to work as DAW Controller on Windows using BOME or something else?

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    +1 WIndows DAW control
    I must say, it was a big dissapointement and totally unexpected to find out that DAW controll is MAC only.
    I bought a digital mixer for 2000,- EUR, and allen&heath dont spent half a day to adapt their HUI script for windows???
    would have bought behringer if I would have known this bevore…

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    Half a day? Porting native software between platforms doesn’t take half a day. Again, have you even looked at BOME yet?

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    Half a day – if you can do it half a day then feel free, oh, and field all the support calls after testing on all versions of windows…

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    well you can use the QU 16 and 24 to run Windows 7. I did it and didnt use Bohm.
    I midi mapped all channels , thats: faders, Mutes, PFL,channel select and stop start.
    It works.
    It is not bidirectional but it works!
    I may even have a windows template (FOR REAPER) somewhere for the QU16 and a channel map.
    However I choose to use MAC.
    I was always a windows user.
    Learn t windows from early days of 95.
    But I choose Mac.

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    +1 from me. Win driver with Mackie Control support

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