Muting DCAs mutes my D/O being sent down super madi to a GLD 80 (IEM console)

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    Hey friends,

    I was wondering if anyone else uses a similar configuration in a live situation where your FoH surface (in my case a dLive S7000) is sending D/Os down MADI to another Allen & Heath (GLD 80 in my case)

    If so, my problem is this:

    When I mute my DCAs, the input channels on the GLD are also muted resulting in my band not hearing themselves (to tune between songs etc.)
    However, if I simply bring the DCA fader down to inf. I receive my desired results, but at the cost of having to reset my mix starting position.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change the function of the DCA mute, or if it is possible to allow muting the DCA to still send audio down MADI?

    Also, we recently had an Avid Venue Profile FoH console sending audio down MADI to the same GLD and our DCA mutes did mute the house and successfully sent audio to the IEMs.

    Any light on the situation would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!


    More information would be helpful:

    Where is your pickoff point for the digital output to GLD80?

    If you use Tie Lines for input channels that won’t happen.

    If you are doing something like using DCA’s to mute/control mixes, and sending mix outputs, or direct outputs to GLD80, just bring the DCA’s down to -inf instead of muting. (There isn’t any way around that as far as I’m aware.)

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the help!

    I haven’t gotten into tie lines yet, so I may have to delve in there, but it may be worth a shot.

    The majority of the lines are all D/O from the input channels down the super MADI card to the GLD (and 2 auxes)
    The problem with bringing the faders down on the DCAs is having to gain that staring point with 6 DCA faders can be a challenge when going between speaking and songs in a worship service.

    It seems like there should be setting that would allow or disallow this mute-following on DCAs. :c

    Do you mind describing more about how tie lines can be used?

    Thanks again for your input!


    Tie Lines take an input source and feed it to an output just after the preamp, meaning, nothing after the preamp affects output on a tie-line.

    For instance, we have a DM48 and c2500 @ FOH, cdm32 and c1500 @ broadcast.

    FOH DM48 takes all the stage inputs and 1:1 patches them to tie-line outputs over DANTE (in your case it would be MADI.)

    Web Broadcast Desk receives all inputs from DANTE, then also patches them, via Tie Line OUT to the Mac Pro running DAW (over DANTE.) While it is an extra step, splitting tie lines between the two desks in this way also saves us having to have 48ch of multicast, which would be hugely problematic.

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    I don’t know about the dLive, but on the GLD the direct outs can have “follow fader” and “follow mute” toggled on and off, independently from the audio pick-off-point. It’s done from a pull-up menu called “DIR OUT SRC” in the routing tab within processing, select any channel to access it. I can’t imagine the dLive doesn’t have this somewhere.

    Muting or moving a DCA has the same effect as muting or moving any channel faders assigned to it, so settings pertaining to channel faders and mutes are just as relevant when those have been altered by a DCA. If you want to mute the audio path from input channel to LR without operating the channel mute (either directly or by proxy) you’d need to use subgroups and mute those instead.


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    You could also just route the input sockets directly to the MADI card, bypassing the actual mixing console portion entirely. It’s the digital equivalent of doing an analog split before plugging into either desk.

    The only reason to use any other source option would be if you did want to effect some change on the audio going to the MADI card by passing it through the dLive.



    I agree, routing input sockets directly is the way to go for sure. …but if you do feel compelled to use direct output for some reason:

    On dLive, Direct Output pickoff can only be changed globally: pick a channel, go to Routing, hit setup and touch the screen to access.

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    If you are taking your direct outs to something that you don’t want to be affected by the channel mute, you can go to setup in the Direct out I/O page and there is a selection that you can click that will stop the mute from affecting the direct outs. I’m not in front of the console so I can’t say 100% that those directions are completely accurate to get to that page but I do know that function can be turned on and off. I had to turn it off as I am also using the direct outs for something similar.

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    I will test that, but it could be the DCA level/mute is not affecting DO as individual channel level/mute. I have no idea why it is that way, but iLive never got it right. I thought dLive had it done proper way.

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