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    Hi there!

    I was just trying to mute an output (socket) via a soft key – but that doesn’t seem to be doable.
    Am I missing something?`

    (Patched the Main Mix (LR) to multiple XLR sockets to feed multiple sets of amps / and speakers, would like mute them individually using the soft keys.
    I could maybe achieve that using multiple post-fader-mixes, but i’d rather use the mixes for, well – seperate mixes.
    Current workaround ist a matrix, which does what I need and is mutable – but in the SQ5 there are only three matrixes (matrices?) and it seems to be a bit of a waste of options.
    Wouldn’t it be way easier and more straightforward to just have the output sockets available in the mute groups?)

    I wonder if I’m missing something obvious?


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    No, you didn’t miss anything. What you want to do, is not possible in this way. The same signal is sent to all the outputs you patched. If you mute the signal, there will be no signal flow to any of your outputs.

    There are two options: using the matrices or using auxes (send all the channels post fader to that aux). You can mute all individual auxes.

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    Not very nice Workaround:
    Doing the mute via the IO routing tap.
    Because patching is done without signal spikes – so “hot patch” won’t be a problem.

    create scenes with the different routings
    Alow them to change ONLY the routing.

    Switch between the scenes via Softkeys.

    Awful but saves busses…

    Will end in a mess when you wan’t to change something else in your routing….


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    thank you guys for comfirming,
    and for the (indeed a little awful) idea of scene swithing. 😉

    Best, Mat

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