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    We have Mix4 set up for our church livestream’s mix. So FOH and livestream have their own mixes.

    Before we start church, we have ST3 or Channel32 playing a music playlist in Mix4 for the livestream viewers. To further explain, we start the livestream 15 mins before church starts with a countdown and prayer music playing.

    We want to do musician practice and sound check through FOH before church, but we don’t want it coming through Mix4…. only the music playlist coming through.

    When we mute the channels, it mutes FOH AND Mix4…. we only want it muted in Mix4.

    When I use a DCA group and bring the fader down all the way, it mutes FOH but not Mix4… we need this in reverse.

    Or maybe I can Mute Mix4 Master but somehow make ST3 still come through?

    To summarize, we want to be able to mute all channels EXCEPT ST3 in Mix4 before church. When the livestream actually starts, we unmute everything.

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    Set up 2 scenes, one with all mix faders at their levels for the livestream, the second with all mix faders down except the ST3 fader. Recall the scenes as required.

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    Wow okay, yeah that will work!

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    Thanks so much! I will try this set up this week and hope it goes smoothly.

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    That could work if you have all the FOH set in them too and do not have a lot of scenes to switch between.
    And nobody ever changes anything in any of them that could be overlooked and bite you later.

    Our church as various mixes. Several go to wedgies on stage, some go to FOH, some to the livestream via a matrix.
    They got a new laptop to control the video but I think it could also take audio in from another source than the Qu or even play it in the PC to provide music before the video goes live. Which for us would be operationally easier with two different crews; one on audio and one on the camera plus one on the Laptop controlling the live feed.

    Do let us know how @garyh ‘s idea worked for you.

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