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    1.) I’d like to be able to set up definable Mute Groups and/or

    2.) Add a user definable Break Button which Mutes every Input Channel but where you could still Unmute the Channel(s) of your choice i.e. the Bluetooth Channel could be playing background music on the band’s breaks.

    The Korg Soundlink MW1608 and the Behringer Flow 8 have this feature which I use all of the time however, I’d like to use the Allen & Heath CQ-12T exclusively when I’m able to get my grubby keyboard playing hands on one! I did preorder mine today at Sweetwater.

    3.) I’d also like the ability to Solo a Channel or a Group of Channels during sound check. I realize that definable Mute Groups would help me accomplish a similar result.

    PS Years ago, I was a Beta Tester on the original Mackie DL1608 Digital Mixer. They even used a few of my suggestions in the final release.
    Having said that, I’m so excited about the CQ-12T that I can hardly contain myself.

    The videos that Keith has done have been first rate! It just seems like Allen & Heath have checked all of the boxes for what live musicians want in an easy to use but extremely advance and powerful small format mixer.

    I wish you all the best with this exciting new product!

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