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    One feature I find a head scratcher with the dlive both in concept and operation is the DCA mute groups. This introduces the complexity of 2 layers of muting which I rarely if ever need and it also consumes DCAs. Please introduce Group Mutes which interact with the channel mutes. As in toggling group mutes would “catch” the channel mutes that were configured while at the same time allowing the operator to use the channel mute on the surface as needed. Hope my rambling makes sense and if not please reach out. Thx!

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    I agree. DCA muting scares me in a live situation because there’s no way to quickly unmute a single channel in a panic situation other than by finding the DCA that muted it.

    A “mute group” would simply turn on/off the channel mute of each channel assigned to it.


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    Mark Oakley

    FWIW, on my iLive I generally use two DCA Mute groups, which I assign to my Soft Keys. Group 1 (DCA 15) is my Effects mute, which I mute in between songs, and Group 2 (DCA 16) is my “everything” mute, for muting all instruments and BU Vocals when the band takes a break. I generally have the Lead Vocals on manual Mute with the Channel Mute button.

    With the Mute Groups on the Soft Keys, they’re always close by.


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    Thanks Mark for the tip

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    On GLD, selecting a channel (which shows that channel on the lcd screen) then selecting the routing tab will let you assign/unassign from a dca group… To me this is nearly identical to having mute group assign buttons on the channel.

    I also use dca mute groups exclusively with the soft keys, which makes them functionally identical to mute groups on an analog desk. I have a few dcas that are also channel strips (like drums and choir) where I actually ride the fader, but even those have soft keys assigned to their mutes…


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    Thanks Brian – that approach doesn’t change the underlying signal flow though does it? As in channel mutes and DCA mutes are separate and as such the channel mute can only affect the channel output if the DCA mute is not engaged correct?

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    A nice work around, but possibly a step too many. Surely mute groups as an option for user defined keys is not that hard.

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    I would like to bring this old wish forward again.
    it would still be great if we could quickly switch on individual channels of a mute group again when needed.

    it is clear that DCA groups are not that easy, I have no objections to that. but with the functions called “mute groups” this should really be possible.

    just think of the following situation:
    the concert is over, the cheers of the audience are huge – in this moment the artist goes back on stage and quickly puts his acoustic guitars on again and starts singing.
    if you could now simply unlock these two channels in mute groups without opening many more channels by switching off the mute groups, that would be a really great solution!

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    Yes, Wolfgang! Even a lowly Yamaha TF can do that. I think A&H in general should check out what the competition has to offer in terms of useful features.

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    There are missing two features in the DCA style mute system.
    1. As mentioned above mute groups shall optionally behave as ‘soft mute groups’ i.e. a single input channel within a muted group shall be unmutable while the group stays muted….very helpfull in the case of an unexpected return of one artist.
    2. Input mutes shall optionally behave as soft mutes i.e. an input channel member of a mute group muted by the channel mute Switch can be unmuted by the group mute it’s routed to… very helpfull at showtime if there are some ‘forgotten’ channel mutes on a hidden layer …

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