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    When multitrack recording with an SQ5, is the send to usb post gain, pre everything else? It would seem reasonable that it would be but I can’t seem to find anything in any of the documentation.



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    I looked this up in the 1.4 Reference Manual (Page 36.) Essentially you can decide where you want to pick the signal in the flow. You can also individually change the level channel on a individual channel basis. Just send the Direct Out Inputs to the USB output destination. Voila.

    Below is taken from Page 36 of the reference manual.

    Direct Out settings:

    Touch the ‘Dir Out’ button on any input channel.
    This screen shows the direct output level for the selected channel, as well as the
    global direct out settings which affect all channels. The currently selected channel is
    displayed on the left.
    • Touch the level value and adjust using the touchscreen rotary, this is adjusted
    individually on each channel.
    Direct out level = -inf to +10dB
    • Choose whether direct out signals are affected by faders or mutes by touching
    the on-screen buttons.
    • Select the channel ‘tap off’ point by touching the Direct Out Source value. Each
    source point is presented in order, and is affected by all preceding processing
    that is switched in.
    Post Preamp = signal is affected only by the preamp gain.
    Post HPF = signal is also affected by the high pass filter.
    Post Gate = signal is also affected by the gate.
    Post Insert Return = signal is also affected by the insert.
    Post PEQ = signal is also affected by PEQ.
    Post Comp = signal is also affected by compressor.
    Post Delay = signal is affected by all channel processing including ms delay.

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    Thanks for the info, I had been looking in the multitrack section, page 85

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