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    “The mob” is kind of how customer feedback works. Lots of customers wanted this feature, it got implemented.

    Your musicians don’t have the capacity to knobble your mix (FOH isn’t included in the app), and I’m only letting the guys on in-ears use the Qu-You app, they can’t mess anything else up with stage noise – I particularly like that I can still help them, since I can still control their mix directly, but they can make minor tweaks as needed – particularly a “more me” for when one of our female vocalists takes lead for a song or two.

    In terms of limiting there is a compressor on each mix output that can be configured as a limiter.

    7 Qu-You connections can coexist with 1 iPad, so I assume that the FX footswitch will still be knackered. I wonder if you can (ab)use the button on an iDevice headset to trigger the tap tempo? Obviously you’d need to wire it right, and the iPad app would need to support it. But reading the “remote” switch on the headphones (despite that being wired to a proper footswitch) and always using it as tap tempo should be possible – make a nice tweak to the Qu-Pad app (no other change needed)

    Given that the software isn’t abandoned (I hope) it might just be that the other features you want aren’t ready. I’d rather features waited until they were ready, then got released frequently, but this was a very popular option so it was always going to be “early”.

    Top of my remaining list is talkback control and FX controls on the iPad. I can guarantee that your top two are different (partly because our use cases are clearly different). The guys at A&H have to look at what their dealers are saying about prospective customers, at what their customers are saying in tech support (I note that a midi bug has been fixed) and at what people are saying on this forum.
    They have to collate that information, as well as an understanding of the effort involved for each feature and make priorities and compromises. One of those compromises is the release schedule – do you release after each bug/feature? every few months, or when you’ve exhausted the bug tracker?

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    Nicola A&H

    Nicola, does the Qu now deal with multiple TCP/IP connections talking MIDI, or does the Qu-You use some other means of communication?

    I’m afraid Qu is still limited to 1 MIDI TCP connection at a time, as detailed in the Release Notes. Qu-You uses an ad-hoc lightweight protocol.

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    Is that protocol (going to be) published?

    This is kind of useful/important especially if there won’t be an A&H released Android Qu-You…

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