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    I totally agree. Without it, we would be better of with Presonus StudioLive mixers that have had this feature for a while now….

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    I agree, it would be very handy.

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    All for it since it would also help these nerds creating TCP/IP-based foot switches to have iPad and other remote controls connected at the same time (see also:

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    Hello. Great idea.

    In ALL of those other brands that use iPads for personal monitors on stage
    1 is there any noticeable audio latency?
    2 Or do they just use iPads to “adjust their monitor mix controls” ?


    dave NZ

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    @dhak: the answer is “2”
    ipad sends midi messages over tcp/ip (wifi) to move the faders (and other settings)
    no audio goes to/from the ipad

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    I’m not against multiple Ipad control – I can see that in some situations it would be useful, but I wonder if the single Ipad control isn’t such a big deal?

    I mix a number of bands and variety shows and run foldback from an analogue FOH mixer – no remote control possible. Apart from a couple of times back and forth from mix position to stage during sound check to get the overall levels right, I find it easy to manage foldback from FOH. I rarely get requested for a monitor mix change from the stage before, during or after a show. I often get complements for my stage sound (and I don’t ever get on a stage during a show).

    True, if each performer had their own ipad control, they could mix their own monitor and take the pressure off me. But I find that monitor mixes don’t tend to change much during the show. Is it not possible for the performers to share a single ipad on stage?

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    or just have someone in control of the iPad so they can make the changes,
    I too agree, mixes rarely change if they are setup beforehand with a reasonable quickie “soundcheck”

    I would still prefer numerous iPads so my monitor engineer can have one and I can have mine at the QU console at FOH for various features as it rests in it’s reserved spot.

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    +1 That would be incredibly useful!

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    Overkill. See my post on the 1.5 firmware thread.

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    It’s not overkill to me. In my situation allowing each member of my band to control their own and only their own monitor mix is a god send. It saves me (also our drummer) from having to adjust their mixes as things change from venue to venue and set to set. We lost this feature when I UPGRADED to the QU-24 and it’s the only thing we miss. Its available on the GLD and iLive series so it shouldn’t be difficult to add to the QU series. If you don’t want your customers or band member to use it you could disable it.

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    As a customer, I wouldn’t want to speculate on the complexity involved adding a feature.

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    As a programmer, I could do some speculations… I think the difficulty of adding a feature basically depends on the chosen design inside the software. It can be very challenging to change things afterwards. We simply can’t know without knowing the details and it’s also not the customer’s business. 🙂

    Still, I’m all for it. Apart from the scenario with multiple iPads as monitor controllers, there are other things, not only nerdy TCP/IP foot switches, to be used in parallel with iPads. One could want multiple connections for other reasons such as having an extra display, e.g., for the RTA, on a computer or iPad while using another iPad as the actual remote control.

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    I agree!!!!! Major upgrade from the Presonus 24.4.2 but this is the one really glaring missing feature!!!!

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    I agree, it would be very useful.

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    not only nerdy TCP/IP foot switches,

    for these “hand-made” devices, it is quite easy to build a “master” conected by tcp to the QU16, and multiple slaves connected to the master, so the QU16 sees only one device 🙂

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