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    Hi guys.
    I’m really happy to have the new 1.2 firmware, it’s good to know that you are taking our suggestions seriously.

    I’d love to have multiple iPads connect to the mixer, that way everyone can mix their own auxes. The same thing would be great with an iPhone app, even if it’s limited to just 1 aux per iPhone. I’m sure both these features would make a massive difference to many users. Presonus and Mackie have had is going on for a while, so it’d be great to see in the next update.

    Having channel strips named and saved on the mixer would also be excellent, so they load up when a scene or show is loaded.


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    Oh, that’d be nice!

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    Is there really only 2 of us that think that multiple iPads or and iphone app (like behringer, mackie and various others have) is good idea?

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but when you have multiple musicians with their own monitor mix, it’d be great for them to adjust their own monitors from their iPads / iphones or even android devices. Any of those options would be very handy! It’d definitely save me loads of time sorting everyones mixes whilst trying to play the drums! I know there’s the ME-1 but this expensive, wired and not really necessary when an ios or android device could do the job perfectly.

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    No, not just the two of you. There are undoubtedly more people who would like to be able to use more than one Qu-Pad at the same time (and I am one of them). But given the fact that both iLive and GLD have that ability, I’m guessing (hoping) that it’s already on the feature list for a future firmware update. Let’s wait and see.

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    I’ve just seen the version 1.3 manual, and no – still no multiple ipads! – I’m very disappointed, I’ve been waiting for this since the mixer was released. I wouldn’t even mind if there was a small app fee to cover their programming fees, although I’m sure the single iPad thing is a planned and imposed limitation to encourage clients to buy the ME-1. The sad thing is, it’s not working – I just feel ripped off that the single ipad limitation wasn’t mentioned in the advertising of the Qu-16.

    I feel that I would be better off with a Behringer X32 producer or X32 rack. Their app has no such limitations, nor does Mackie, or Soundcraft or Presonus! Come on Allen & Heath, catch up!

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    Please …multiple I pad users and also single strip “more me” would be useful on an I phone or I pad…


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    Rob Millar

    This would be awesome if you could! Please do it!

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    Multiple iPads would be great. The visuals are so much better on the iPad anyways. Just the option to have multiple screens available. Also, maybe a computer app so you could have a large visuals display on a monitor.

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    Mike Ashelby

    I’m super surprised that this hasn’t been implemented yet. Anyone from Allen and Heath care to comment? This could well be a deal breaker for me – and I’m looking at picking up 2 of these QU-16s!


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    I think you will get this feature soon. Just be patient.

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