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    Ton O’ Groove

    Hi there,

    Really excited to have finally got my QU PAC after a month wait and connected it up last night but I couldn’t find the Multiband Compressors in the FX library.

    I completed both firmware updates and still couldn’t find them.

    Can somebody help me please


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    I wish my QU-24 had it. I’d surely be using it.

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    The Qu series doesn’t have multiband compressors available as part of its internal FX emulations. It’s only the dLive, iLive and GLD series that do.

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    Ton O’ Groove

    Any idea when we will be graced with them….?

    Even a cut down version of a 3 band one would be better than none

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    I would love to have it on my Qu24,
    I use it on the GLD and it is wonderful!

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    Marketing guys! 🙂
    at the moment that is!
    Never say never…
    The QU is not using all of its processing power.
    Ask mervaka. He quoted that statement!
    Maybe in time, [A&H] will deal to this?
    Gosh at this level [$] I’m just happy with what has been supplied.
    Each channel used to be, a rack of analogue equipment.

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    When did I say that? :S Hearsay?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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