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    In the coming weeks, hopefully mid August, I’ll be adding an S7000 to my existing C1500/CDM32 inventory to provide a larger surface for the festival shows that have been coming in over the past couple of years and to enable a dual surface in-mixrack split which will free up one of my iLive systems to cover smaller festival stages.
    An S Class mixrack will follow but not for some more months.

    I understand the necessity to have a GigaACE card of some kind in the mixrack card slot and to move my Dante card to the primary surface should I wish to use it in the dual surface configuration, however there is conflicting information in the dual surface guide regarding GigaACE surface link redundancy with a C Class mixrack / S Class surface combination.
    The text states that a FibreACE card is required to enable redundancy for the secondary surface connected to the card slot, yet there is a diagram which clearly shows a GigaACE card installed in a C Class mixrack with optional redundant link to an S Class surface.

    Which is correct?

    Whilst FibreACE would be nice to have I can’t justify the price differential if I can get the redundant connection to the S7000 with a GigaACE card. I won’t be using fibre any time soon.
    More detailed information on how to configure hardware on both card options for multi surface would be a useful addition to the guide.

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    This place has gone very quiet…..

    Cross posted the above onto the Facebook unofficial dLive group and got a response within a couple of hours from Ben Morgan at A&H so it seems that platform is much more active these days.
    If you’re not already a member get yourself added to that group.

    Just in case anyone else wants to know the answer, both GigaACE and FibreACE can be used in redundant configuration to connect a secondary surface to a C Class Mixrack.
    The multi-surface guide was slightly confusing but Ben is going to correct that for us.

    Thanks Ben!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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