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    i am a friend of the opensource-community and want to use opensource-software for multi-channel-recording.

    actually i have a linux-setup with ardour as daw-software installed. the tool works fine with a lot of audio-interfaces (e.g. from rme, presonus, …).

    now i want to connect my gld80 to the pc, but how? audinate does’n offer a virtual dante-soundcard for linux, same ethersound.

    has anyone a idea for a usefull hardwaresetup for multi-channel-recording under linux?

    thanks allot!

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    Good luck.

    Odds are that most people here use standard PC HW and SW – Mac or Windows since our focus/passion is audio related and we don’t take or have the time for configuring linux etc. I do appreciate what linux does, but most of this community will be using off the shelf solutions so that we can focus on the audio portion of our work which is usually challenging enough.

    Again, good luck.


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    Hi Oxyl

    I think some of RME Audio’s products are supported in Linux through ALSA. Perhaps using one of these with a MADI Option Card would be a good route to look at. There are a couple of USB-MADI products out there; I don’t know how well supported they might be in Linux, but that would be another option to consider.
    In any case, you’re probably best off asking in the ALSA or Ardour forums.

    Hope that helps

    – Jeff, A&H

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    hello bob, hello jeff!

    thanks for reply.

    i can unterstand the need for focusing of resources to the most common systems (in hard and software) for a “small” company like A&H. but on the other hand, the gld himself is linux-powered! so why not give back a little bit to the linux-community? the use of linux saves o lot money as compared to the use of commercial realtime-os-systems (e.g. VxWorks) which needs adaption and configuration as well.

    mostly it’s not necessary to create software for linux by self, a well documented open-api will be more than enough.

    same for hardware…
    …so it will be possible for everyone to engineer own interfaces.

    thank you for your suggestion, you are right! a lot of the rme-interfaces with madi-interface are supported by alsa and consequently useable with ardour. now i have to check advantages and disadvantages of a setup like this and must calculate the coasts.

    thanks allot!
    best regards!

    ps: is it possible to get detailed information about hard and software?

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