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    Moving/shifting channels is something that I miss on dLive.
    Coming from Yamaha and Venue desks it’s such an useful feature when you want to build new show based on another show with just a tiny change in the input list, for example an additional drum on channel 10 and everything above number 10 gets shifted by one channel to the right. Fader Layout is just a workaround and is not a substitute to a real channel arrangement.

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    I/O before input list change:

    input list 1

    Adding HH and Ride to the input list, thus shifting bass and further channels by two to the right:

    input list 2

    Bass channel which stayed on channel IP7 shows MixRack Socket 9 as an input:

    bass channel IP7

    In my opinion this isn’t an elegant solution. MOVE CHANNEL function would solve it.

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    Look at this post for the best method to copy channels at the moment.
    Many of us are waiting for a streamlined way….

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    To avoid this predicament I use always the same channels for a instrument.
    Since my iLive times I have the following pattern:
    1 – 16 Drums and percussion
    17/18 Bass
    19/20 Gtr
    21-24 Keys
    25-30 Vocals
    31/32 CD

    That covers 90% of my jobs and and patching additional instruments is a no brainer and I don’t have to move channels around.


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    I have finally got a chance to try a dLive C2500 and I’ve been testing it for the past few days.
    Shifting channels is so important and I miss it a lot compared to other platforms (Avid, Yamaha, DiGiCo). I just realised I am unable to build new show files based on other shows/scenes. If the channel layout between two sessions doesn’t match, I can’t for example import String Quartet settings from one show to another. I think the best way of implementing this is the way DiGiCo did that. There are two ways that I think are very powerful:

    1. Copy From allows copying a range of selected channels from one and pasting it somewhere else in the session. Including channels’ names, groups, processing, routing.
    2. Channel Presets allows storing a preset of multiple adjacent channels. You can easily store “drum kit” or “strings quartet” which can be recalled anywhere you want.

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    I donn’t understand the problem, moving channels is not really necessary
    patch and channels are independent from each other

    and the layout at the surface is idependent also

    if you move a channel, what will you move? The input, the processing channel, or the strip on the surface…
    but I agree that this is giving not only flexibility it adds more complexity

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    Steffen R,

    First I’d like to ask you to carefully read all my previous posts, because you seem to have missed a few important points I made.
    I don’t think there is a clearer explanation than a scenario pictured above a few posts ago.

    if you move a channel, what will you move? The input, the processing channel, or the strip on the surface…

    If you move a channel, you will change its number and its place on the channel list in the I/O window.

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    I work with large orchestras and the lack of flexibility in inserting channels in an previously prep’ed setup has always been a problem, it’s confusing , everything seems like an afterthought and it looks corny on the patch list when giving it to the A2 or, when touring, to the locals crews…This feature should be high on the list of “to dos”… been said, all other major players have a workable solution.


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