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    1- It seems my GLD outboard stage boxes will work with SQ. The system drawing does not show a full-house 48 channel A/D input via CAT 6 cable. Can you elaborate how this may be done? I will never again own another old fashioned copper microphone snake.

    2- Will the M-Dante board from my GLD work with SQ?

    3- Side chain limiting?

    4- Can I side chain limit the effects returns or do I have to waste a pair of aux busses?

    5- Is the very nice scene fade implemented like my GLD?

    6- Has the frustrating auto-advancing scene recall been addressed yet? Is it “Next then Take” or “Take then Next”? Presently the GLD is clumsy (to be polite).

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    Looks very impressive.

    1- Is there going to be a 32 channel surface? SQ-7 SQ-8 ?

    2- Is there low pass filter?

    3- Is there down-ward expander?

    4 Is there is there is there .

    Yes we all want want want!

    Please show us the manual.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi both,

    1- Indeed SQ supports the AR2412, AB168 and AR84 through the SLink port. You can have a maximum of 2 dSnake devices connected (very similar to Qu), so for example, an AR2412 and a cascaded AB168 for a total of 40 remote mics. For the full 48 remote mics on stage, 3x DX168 and a DX Hub can be used.
    2- No, SQ has a different I/O Port form factor. A Dante card will be available Q1 2018.
    3- No limits. You can side chain from any input or mix.
    4- No. The FX Returns have PEQ only. As you say, you could use a group to sidechain.
    5- Not at present.
    6- It’s ‘Go then Next’ but we are looking at options to make this user selectable.

    1- No plans at the moment but we are always looking at what’s next Dave.
    2- No LPF.
    3- No expander.

    The user guide is in progress and will be available in November.

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    No LPF? In this day and age and as much requested as that has been I can’t believe it’s not included. They must not let you guys out much. Geez.

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    That should have been HPF. Not LPF.

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