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    So I think that given the simple drag-and-drop interface on a lot of the rest of the board, the I/O patch screen feels a bit clunky. It would be nice to be able to drag channel strips right onto inputs and outputs, instead of the current method of select socket>Input Type: Input> Dial Beginning Channel>Dial End Channel>Apply for every input on the board. This gets very irritating when the patch changes and you have to patch a random assortment of sockets to your nicely laid out and named channels. There should be enough room for a drag and drop interface similar to the Layout settings (once you remove the current controls) on the dSnake, dSnake EXP, Monitor and maybe Console pages. Not sure on the I/O Port pages. Being able to see what sockets are assigned to what channels and vice versa, and changing it with a drag, would be really handy. On a related note, there should be a toggle button to enable/disable patching multiple channels to one socket.

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    Also on the preamp patch section, when you have to choose a physical input, it would be nice if instead of “input->scroll to Dsnake, dsnake exp, etc”, it give you ” D-snake input”or” d-snake EXP input” or “local EXP” input”. It would be much faster.

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    If I was going to drag and drop stuff I’d much rather bring the socket to the channel rather than the other way round. You’re bringing signals into the desk so it makes sense to go (socket > channel).

    Outputs would make sense your way though, you have a signal that you want to send out so you go (aux > output socket).

    I normally do input patching from the channel preamp screen, it would be nice to also patch outputs from a similar screen where you select the mix and choose an output socket.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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