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    Bob Briessinck

    I have been having a lot of troubles when changing two mono channels into 1 stereo channel.
    When combining two mono channels intro 1 stereo channel the console resets a couple of very important functions. When the both channels were set to pre-fader the console brings those back to post fader. It’s very annoying to have to go through all the mono-, stereo- and FX auxes to make sure they’re all still pre-fader where they need to be.

    I suggest the following:
    – when both channels were set to pre, keep them pre
    – when both channels were set to post, keep them post
    – if either of both channels have a different position, keep the position of the first (Left) channel

    Not a big issue, but inconvenient if you for some reason really need to bring those 2 mono channels together during a soundcheck you don’t want to spend more time checking the send positions.

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    I think everyone agrees that the way that A&H implements stereo inputs is a bit annoying and prone to ‘unforseen-consequences.’

    I and everyone else I know moved to using ganging for anything that changes regularly.


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    There are two problems with ganging:
    1) You only get 16 gangs, and they can’t share members (even if the ganged parameters don’t overlap)
    2) Ganged channels take up more space on the metering screens than stereo channels.

    The 2nd issue most impacts QoL —- it’s annoying and can mess up your custom metering layouts, but probably doesn’t actually hurt anything.
    That 1st one might impact functionality. If you’re using all your gangs to make faux stereo channels, there won’t be any left over for how they’re intended to be used.

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