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    @ Mk0815 – your first point regarding the need for a separate feed for sub-send is what I have previously attempting to convey. I have three outputs to the processor/amp – Left Main, Right Main, and Subs. Current config does not allow for a mono channel matrix post fader that can be controlled by Mains.

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    +1 Even if the engine is limited I’d sacrifice the number of groups/auxes for more auxes. Or even stereo matrixes for 2 mono matrixes per.

    My current workaround is to use a mono aux set to post fader and send all my groups/inputs at 0Db to the aux then link outputs to a DCA for overall mute and level control if needs be and mix as (relatively) normal. Yes this is awkward and can mess with your head if you aren’t on top of things but it does work.

    Hopefully mono matrixes with better mixer/bus config comes soon.

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    Engine can’t be limited as it has two mono busses for each stereo MTX/AUX/GRP & applies panning from the channel to those busses. There is going to be simple pan law math involved to do the calculations. Splitting the busses into two mono busses would be simple programming.

    Doing that for all MTX/AUX/GRP for a console of this price range, debatable. (But we all would love a 24 mono aux capable console).

    Doing that for the MTX only, necessary IMO.

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    +1 for the mono matrix with perhaps a upgrade to 8 mono matrix sends.
    If this will happen perhaps a low/high-pass filter on the mix busses (aux, groups, matrix)

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    +1 for mono matrix and an upgrade to more matrices. Just like 4 stereo, 8 mono. Any of this planned A&H?

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    +1 for mono matrices

    Helps my work flow to have a mono sum of the LR that I can feed to delays and front fills. With the Sounddaft Expression’s you have 4 stereo matrices. You can make them mono (but can’t split them)
    I am hoping this feature will get implemented in a future firmware update.

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    would be verry helpful to me also

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    +1 for mono Matrix option

    6 Mono or 3 Stereo would be good
    8 Mono or 4 Stereo would be perfekt!!!!

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    Yes! More and switchable Mon/St

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    +1 for this.

    I’m rather stunned that this bus isn’t available.

    (it’s certainly my preferred route for camera feeds.)

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    Yeeeep! Mono Matrix!

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