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    Newly installed board with Aux-1 through Aux-10 assigned to AR2412 Line Out 1 through 10. Aux-1 stopped outputting to Line-1. Processing panel meter and PFLing of Aux-1 indicates level output, however nothing at the AR2412. Board is at V1.42. Any simple suggestions? Tks…

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    Look in I/O setup make sure Aux 1 is assigned to a socket. When you say it stopped working are you saying it had worked? Try assigning to another socket.

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    Interesting fix… First to answer your question. Yes, it simply stopped working, during a rehearsal, and the I/O setup was assigned correctly to socket 1. So per your recommendation, I assigned Aux 1 to a different socket and it worked at the new socket location, so I reassigned it back to socket 1 and Ta-Da it started working in its original socket 1 location. A bit concerning, but the lesson here is I have to start thinking in a software based environment, not a hardwired one. Tks, dB

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    I had a similar I/O problem on v1.42 a month ago. The eight channels assigned to AR2412 inputs 1-8 all stopped outputting to our Main LR one morning. PAFL and meters all indicated there was nothing wrong. IIRC, they were feeding the monitor Aux’s ok, but just no FOH. All other inputs were operating ok to all Main/Aux sends
    We had to reload an old show to recover it.

    I didn’t trust the show file any longer, so I recreated our current setup from an old backup show.
    I try to keep a duplicate show file of our current setup, so at least I can load that if anything goes wrong.

    Have just upgraded to v1.50, so hopefully that bug is squashed.


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